Ephesians 5:22 says, "Wives submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord."
Should I advise a married lady to submit to her husband when he is obviously making the WRONG decisions, ruining her life and causing damage to her health?
Ephesians 5:22 further says, " For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church..."
If this same man is making the wife pay all of the bills (including medical and food and rent) and making her give his 65 year old homeless brother a place to live in their house and making her do his brothers laundry and fix his food, wash his dishes and clean up after him also, should I advise her to submit to him? Then also the husband makes her do his other brothers laundry and feed him and his children at least twice a week also (this includes cleaning and dishes). Then the husband is trying to blame his wife because his brothers are homeless and do not have jobs. He is telling his wife she is a failure and is not doing anything with her life. She doesn't and never did have to much to do with his brothers. It is not her fault that his brothers had bad marriages and are homeless. I don't feel like God wants this lady to suffer for his brothers mistakes in their life. She has been a totally separate entity.But the man feel like if his brothers are unsuccessful that his wife will be sad and feel the pain too.
The really amazing thing about the man is that he uses this very same bible passage to prove that his wife should submit. He says he is a man of God and she should"do as he say."

The bible also says,"All men have sinned and come short of the glory of God."
I should not advise her to leave a home where SHE PAYS THE RENT AND THE UTILITIES and buys the food and medical also, should I? The place would no longer be there anyway because the man is just begging and doing a side part-time hustle for a living and he doesn't have the money to take care of himself. If the man is not happy and down on himself and his brothers should I advise that he seek prayer and resources elsewhere? What prayer can we offer for these people?
Please give me your comments on this.

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however I would not give advise to a spouse to leave their spouse - its not godly.

AMEN! and this is what is being addressed here, Sister asked should she advise the sister to leave NO, that is not her place.

If all the man has is a part-time job, and she has a means of paying bills and so on that is not unreasonable.

and keep in mind, there are two sides to every story, has it always been like this?, if so, she knew before hand, and if not, how did it get to this?

It's best that sister pray, and put it in God's hands.
Hi again newview, yeah, see, as you said, 'he wants HER to pay the bills' yet, no one wants to quote to him the 'he's the head of the household' Scripture. Where's all those quotes over the 'wife submit' ones? Yes, it is'he', who should provide for his wife.' Again, where's that Scripture quoting to this male to prove he's in the wrong from jump street? That should have been the first advice given to Ms. Taylor to pass along to this woman.

This male is out of the will of God. Everybody always quotes the 'wives submit' but 'submit' to what? His obvious ungodliness? Let's flip the Script the true way Christ proclaimed this issue with regard to marriage.

The first Scripture that should always, always, be quoted is not 'wives submit' rather, it's 'husbands treat your wives as Christ treated the church.' That is the starting ground with regard to marriage.

As such, when women begin to complain, the first thing any believer must do is quote the complaining wife the 'husbands treat your wife like Christ treated the church' Scripture then listen to the complaint to see if he is doing just that. If the complaint of the wife shows that he is not, then there is no way one could possibly tell her to 'submit to his evil' as that is not the will of God. No, the woman for the sake of her children, must always submit to God first.

In this case, Ms. Taylor says this dear woman says, 'her husband is out of the will of God for he is not financially providing for her as Christ provided for the church.'

As so, she is not to 'submit' or 'respect' such a anti-Christ disposition that her husband is walking in because it is not of God.

Next, Ms. Taylor says the dear woman is both more or less 'miserable in spirit' and her 'health is literally failing.' Why? Because of the disobedient, oppressive mindset the husband is walking in. Again, he is NOT treating her as 'Christ treated the church' ergo, she can't submit to that type of evil as it is leading to her ill-health and possible death.

Finally, he is committing spiritual adultery in telling her that his brute-like, satanic conduct is that which is the will of God. He is now a stench and offense in that He is in rebellion to our Heavenly Father whose will is NOT for that poor woman to be treated that way. In other words, he is satan-filled in that regard and lying on our God.

What then is a spiritual believer in Christ suppose to advise her? Well, the believer is to arm her with the weapon of her warfare which is the word of God. She is to counter the lies with the truth. What is the truth? The truth is, her husband is spiritually out of the will of God and it is Satan speaking through him and causing this dear woman's health to fail.

I reitierate, the believer is to counteract the lie with the truth. The truth in God's word is that the woman does not have to submit to that type of evil. How according to Scripture can she NOT submit? Well, thats where 1 Corinthians 7:10 comes into play, "A wife is to stay with her husband BUT if she leaves she's not to remarry.' Another Scripture is Malachi. The believer must tell her of God's mindset with regard to such 'treachery that the husband is committing. Again, Scripture says, 'God hates divorce' but rather than see men behave treacherously towards their wives He went against His own nature and implemented it' (Mal. 2:16). If nothing else, that will be comforting to the woman to know that God cares about her abuse by her husband. Also, her husband is choosing to walk in a anti-Christ mindset with regard to this issue and that must be acknowledged. He is out of the will of God.

The believe is honor bound before a Just God to give this woman the truth with regard to all of these Biblical Scriptures, weapon of her warfare, if you will.

Now, that said, that does not mean, one has to say, 'you have to immediately act on this Scripture' rather, it means this Scripture is a provision God put in His word as a 'way out of the madness.' In other words, it is the honest truth recorded in God's word that must be presented as a consideration. To do otherwise is to 'cast this truth to the ground' which is anti-Christ (Dn. 8:12).

This woman can then consider this option and decide for herself to gather the strength to act upon it. If she does, I guarantee you her failing health will return and her misery will leave. The Holy Spirit's relief will be there to give her the proper outlook on life that her disobedient husband has been denying her.

She can stay separated from him and from a safe distance present the true word of God to him as to why she will no longer allow him to 'deal treacherously' with her (Mal. 2:10). Yes, she can quote the will of God as expressed in the word of God to counteract his madness and hopefully, he will, in time repent.

If he doesn't she can fill her life with going to the many church programs out there. Talking to old friends that make her feel young again, and watching good movies on cable. :-)

See, in all these matters, I advocate no 'harlotry' or as you inquired, advising her on 'how many dates to go on.' Rather, she will 'live in the peace' that God's word says He want us to live in (1 Cor. 7:15). In all these matters, God's truth that sets the captive free is exalted. God is vindicated before possible children that this couple may have as they rejoice to know that our Savior does not command their mother to 'submit' to spiritual and mental abuse. Yes, this be the true will of our blessed Heavenly Father.

Now, on the other hand, if she chooses to stay and pray and misquote 'submit' Scriptures in the hope that one day in the by and by this brute will stop being brutish, Well, that's on her. However, the believer will have done their part in presenting the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Submit the truth, NOT encourage one to leave, that should be their decision only!
Hi Evangelist Altha, yes, I by no means meant to infer, 'encourage her' rather, give her the 'weapon of her warfare' and let God give her the strength to do what she must do.

Hopefully, she will yield to the Holy Spirit's guidance of deliverance as 'deliverance' and 'life more abundantly' is always the will of God.

I just thank God we live in a region where this 'liberty' can be acted upon. Women in countries where Satan has a demonic stronghold by reason of the false doctrine they are taught to adhere to can only look with envy upon we of the civilized western world who can turn around our circumstances.

Bottom line, I thoroughly agree with you, it's all about 'presenting the truth' not forcing the truth upon any woman. Through prayer and the strength of God can they choose to walk in the liberty of the word of God wherewith they have been set free IF they choose to take it.
Sister Johnson,

That was amazing. Wow!

I pray that Sister Sondra keeps your advise far from this dear lady with the kookie husband.

Heavenly Father help us...

Hi yet again newview, yes, "Heavenly Father help us.' I, too pray that the truth will be passed along to bless and ease that dear woman's agony. To the Glory of Our Blessed Heavenly Father, and our dear Savior.


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