Hello My brothers and sister who follow the scriptures of our lord and savior Jesus CHRIST. Why do we allow and some of us follow women preachers? There is nothing in the scriptures that said a women has ever been allowed to preach Gods word. So people let me know your thoughts, show me what you have learned in seminary.


Rev.Charles Z. Daniels Jr 

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Rev. Daniels, I have not been to seminary, but I have read scripture and actually there is no where in scripture that has women leading other than assisting.  This is a hot topic for those who say they are called by God and I don't think you will get an TRUTHFUL answer other than interpretation.  But, the scriptures Holy Bible, I read the KJV says the word of God was inspired by Him and His WORD will not return to Him void, just quoting here.  I will answer your question - its because they all have adopted the heart of Pharoh.  A harden heart, don't want to listen to what saith the Lord, but follow after their own God, their graven image of the God who excepts all things and forgives all things and make exception for all things. The very God that God Himself said do not worship.  If they open the scripture and find something contradictory to what they perceive or understand, they turn to another page to make up for the exclusion they THINK God has made, when they know that God don't make no mistakes.  Moses, bless his heart and those others that obeyed God, but broke HIS commandments never saw the promise land.  God said what He said, meant what HE said and all others who say He said something different or meant something different will reap the benefit of not obeying.  From Genesis to Revelation, God has instructed those who love Him and OBEY Him with complete instructions.  Some say you cannot do what the scriptures say, but Jesus did and they say they have His spirit.  People say we can't be perfect, but the Word of God commands us to be....especially when we quote "I could do ALL things in Christ who strengthens me", oh, but that is only with their limited God, their graven image of the God they serve, not the ALL MIGHTY, ALL POWERFUL, ALL KNOWING and LIVING God.  It is a sad day in the body of Christ, but as scriptures state...Those that are HOLY let them be HOLY still, those that are FILTHY let them be FILTHY still and those that are LIARS let them be LIARS still, for HE comes quickly and HIS reward will be with HIM.  It is not that we were not warned.


In Love Sister Denise

Good afternoon my sister, I hope and pray that this message finds you in perfect strength and health. Thanks for responding to my comment, and your right this is a very hot topic. Tradition and the back door has allowed the church too take the wrong turn in the ministry and a few people jump on for the ride. Therefore like Jesus said many will come falsely in my name and proclaim the good news of the Lord and you with itching ears will listen. (A little paraphrasing).



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