Over the years, I have heard many men and women in the holiness denominations say that women shouldn't wear pants in the church.

Were is the scripture to support the ideology that women shouldn't wear pants? If it is in scripture then I would have to ask why are men wearing pants? Did men wear pants in biblical times or did their wear something that covered their loins and then long robe like attire? I mean isn't that what you depict in your biblical plays? So why aren't the men being asked to wear similar apparel in the church to maintain a outward appearance of holiness? Why aren't they asked to not cut their hair (both facial and head)

What are the clothing designations for men in the holiness denominations.

After all, without holiness NO man/woman shall see God.....

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     The word glutton is mentioned twice in the bible (KJV).  It is also mentioned in connection with the word drunkard.  The occurring theme is to lack self-control by not being able to control one's appetite (lust, desire, food, etc).  A good 10 day water fast is becoming a thing of the past.  The meaning of drunkard is to lack inhibitions which is usually brought on by the consumption of alcoholic beverages.  There is both a literal and spiritual background to the text.

     Woman wearing men's clothes also has a literal and spiritual connotation.  The literal is referencing a woman who has transformed herself into a man by administering male hormones and having undergone medical surgery to alter her appearance.  The spiritual implications could include a woman usurping authority within the church or the home. 

     Woman wearing pants in the church gives people who still operate under the law another trophy to hang on their mantle.  "They don't drink, smoke, wear pants in church or run with those who do."  "What about OBESITY (as already stated)?"  I guess this post is so popular because most people are unable to comment on any truly meaningful biblical or spiritual matters.



You are the first to truely state facts about this site. It would appear, true bible understanding is not present

in many of the post; what's with this , is the only concern in the church; woman wearing pant into a building?

only the Black Church can be so narrow-minded

perhaps old habits do die very hard, even after the truth has been given, you still can't accept it. Does the Lord himself has to come and tell you this subject is the least of your worry? What about the commendments of God, or the requirements for heaven, can anyone describe them? what does the Lord require of us to make it into his presence? Not everyone answer at the same time please, or lack there of.

Man!! Most of you really need to read the word of God; you are on your way to hell, on this narrow-minded site

Be Blessed


Praise the Lord,My dear sister in Christ.I'am truely sorry you fill this way.I Know that I'am a God fearing,Born again Christian.And for you to write this really hurt me.So.I think it's best that I remove myself from where I'am not wanted.My prayers are for you as well as much love.

Ms Gutierrez

In post past, you have posted some pretty stupid, off context and comments to this site, with no understanding of or for the subject. While I can appreciate your right to your opinion, or and expression, but, are you reading these comments fully for clarity madame?, Can you answer What was the Great Commission Jesus gave to his followers?

Praise the Lord,My sister,again I will not debate the word of God with you.You can say as many hurtful things as you wish.I still love and respect you as a person and as a sister in Christ.

There  Is No Scripture That support Such IDEOGLY, because It Don't Exsist ,Its  Just Something Thats Been pasted Down In Peoples minds & they won't Let Go! & Keep pushing Such Dumb stuff! When There Are More Important serious Matters To Be concerned About & handled!....& sad to say This Occurs Mostly In The So called Black Holiness Churches....Its Real Sad Because Pants Didn't Even Exsist In The Bible Days So It Was Not The Subject Matter Then Or Now!.........If  wearing Pants keeps A Woman out of The kingdom!  then!  We All  are  in trouble! For Far more  Greater & Lesser matters Than This! hummmm , Peace, Elder Lee F. Baggett

So I Guess Pants Are OUT!...But The Real Short Dress I See &  Splits & Slits On The Sides & front & back are In Huh.....& I even See First Ladies Dressed like This! AND I Repeat No One Is saying anything! Why because its your  Mates,  Mothers & daughters, & sisters & We know You Don't Want To OR Will Not upset Them  Hummmmm! NOW WHAT!...." TRUTH HURTS! " Don't It!...Still Love You Tho.          "  Grow Up!   otherwise...MATURE!...GET Pasted The small....Dumb stuff  In You ..Not GOD!  In YOU!.....Not The BIBLE  in You! 

In society the burden is always laid on the women,...... What about the men, they need to change too.

The reason why the community is so broken is because the black man doesn't want to wed and stay married. There is always some excuse, really how long should a women wait. They say 50% of blacks will never marry does that mean that a woman should go to her grave being a virgin. The men start the problem and the women just react to it in a negative way. If the man didn't have sex outside of marriage, then there would be no fatherless children.


Rape - a woman shouldv'e just differently

there are no good women = who's mostly responsible in making the woman bitter...hmmmm could it be a man.

Her attire caused him to lust after her.= in proverbs it says Ch.24 v 10 if you fail under pressure, your strength is not very great

By NO MEANS AM I MAKING EXCUSES FOR WOMEN, BECAUSE THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS....because if you seek Jesus in your walk in life the damage in life will be very limited...

The men are wrong for wearing long hair, t shirts, long finger nails,tattoos, loud suits far from modest, earrings to church treating what's Holy is ordinary. A man should look like a man not a woman. All the sheep should look regal not looking like the world. I mean where is the salt? If you love him line up with him in everything that you do if possible.

I just realize what exactly the topic was about. My comments were based on some of the other comments. I apologize for being somewhat off on the topic. Outside appearance means alot if a woman should wear pants or a dress, I don't think that really matters as long  as it is modest. If you really want to go there, why don't we all wear robes... therefore we don't have anything to concern ourselves with. You could come in and grab a robe and if you are on a low budget grab a long sac. LoL you know that would help everyone... to focus, men as well as women. NO DISTRACTIONS HUH. no comparisons on who has what. Problem fixed! End of discussions. PLain white robes like you would wear to get baptize in. SAVES ON TIME, MONEY,CONFUSSION....TAKES STRESS OUT, KEEPS THE FOCUS.

The bible says come as you are..


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