Would You As Pastor allow Homosexuals To Frolic In Your Church?

Vermont has just okayed what they call "same sex mariages". It is very sad that we humans who are supposed to be the most intelligent creatures on earth, dont even understand or appreciate the sacred purpose of marriage. The reason why God instituted marriage is for reproduction, plus nothing, minus nothing. The sole reason why we are created male and female, or exibit some form of sexuality is to reproduce. If we didnt have to reproduce after our kind, we wont have any devices for sex. Angels dont reproduce and as such are sexless beings. Everything else God put on earth comes in pairs of male and female. Even birds know this. Have you ever gone bird-watching and seen two male birds weaving a nest and trying to raise a family?
You dont have to be a rocket scientist in order to understand that another man's behind was neither designed by God nor evolution for sex. The anus is not a sexul organ, period. So that if you want to use a body feature designed to accomplish one task for a completely senseless one then there is something wrong with your perception. You are like the man who sees a deer and calls it an elephant. Something is wrong upstairs!! What is the purpose of a so called same sex marriage. Sexual pleasure so they speak. But pleasure is not the purpose for sex.The pleasure part is secondary. God made sex pleasurable, why? Because if it had felt like surgery, you would have to hold a gun to your partner's head to have children. Homosexuals have taken the "purpose" out and are going gang-ho after the "pleasure".WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY ABOUT PLEASURE-SEEKING IN THE LAST DAYS?
As A pastor the only way I would allow a homosexual in my congregation if they understand that homosexuality, just all other deviations , is wrong and they came to church to seek help like all of us do. But if a homosexual shows up in church all cocky and full of gay pride and trying to peddle his ware in the church, I will chase him out with a baseball bat!!! lol!
You just said "wow, he hates homosexuals!", right? Wrong. As a pastor you cant hate anybody because of their sin.It will be like a Doctor hating a patient because the latter has a form of cancer the Doctor dreads.But if the patient tells the Doc, "Leave my cancer a lone. I was born with it, and I am proud of it." Well, then get out of the hospital! I dont hate homosexuals, I hate homosexuality. You dont hate the sinner, you hate the sin. You have to hate the sin enough to be able to help the sinner. On the other hand if you love the sin, you yourself might just get caught up in it.I consider it a disgrace to the human race that we allow behavior that even some animals shy away from.

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There's a saying that you can tell your God is man-made when he hates the same people you do.
Though I don't see it myself, I have been told that from time to time.
Lets lay this one out plain and simple: This blog is dedicated for one type of issue. There are PLENTY of other blogs for that, trust me. This aint one of those "take the beam outta ya eye" moments.
People who are living in sin themselves, and talking about other people living in sin, are always "take the beam outta ya eye" moments.
This one over here is just so confused he needs the ability to focus. He has never said anything on track. This is proof of the homosexual mind. It he can just focus for a moment he will understand what is at stake in this argument.
Brother Andy I see your frustration with Deweyne. There is nothing you can say to this guy to convince him that the homosexual lifestyle is detestable, and abominable. He will never be able to see the foulness and the stink in God's nostrils of this sin. I know that all sin stinks in the nostrils of God but homosexuality is so Satanic in Nature that they tend to take on a whole other spirit that is easily detected when in their presence.

They twist the scriptures worst that a tornado can tear up a town. I think, I will leave this one alone because like I said, I can feel your frustration.

And to you Deweyne, you called me brother, I am a sister and EW stands for Every Woman. I know what the word of God says about homosexuality yet you want and must like this lifestyle so this sister will just leave you to the recompence of your error

My Sister EW,
Please forgive me for my error in calling you brother. I apologize!

Nothing I have said is twisting the scripture. If you would only take the time to lay aside tradition and look at the scripture honestly for what is actually says and not what you where taught it says or what you assume a word means...

Where is the proof of what you say from GOD's Holy Word? Why have you made your traditions greater than GOD's Word? Jesus and His disciples had the same problem with the Pharisees. They were constantly frustrated with what He taught. They could not refute it. Because He stood on the WORD not the traditions.

GOD's Word is the only authority in matters of religion.
If mr Deweyne can just show me one scripture that says God delights in seeing a man ram his fellow man's asshole, I will concede. So far he has been to the moon and back attacking everything else but proving nothing about the homosexual agenda. This is what happens when a human being is colonized by demons. The demons take control of their reasoning capacities so even the bible says "they cannot understand.." How can they? The entire world and its various cultures know they are wrong, the bible says they are wronng, common sense says it is not just funny but totally insane, the homosexual says " this is the best thing that ever happen to us, we can marry, hurray, show me your stinking asshole.."
IThe fact still remains that if Mr Deweyne's papa had decided to plant his devine seed into excrement,he wont be here serving the Devil..
Brother Andy, I never, ever said that the Bible authorizes homosexuality. I said and continue to say is that the Bible supplies no real basis for the condemnation of homosexuality. What it does do, however, is speak strongly about those who are immoral, lustful, profane and so forth. These are things that any of us can be guilty of and must stay away from.

We ought to speak where the Bible speaks and remain silent where the Bible is silent.
You know, I'm sitting here thinking about the concept of the one who makes himself a eunich (Matthew 19:19-12) Why would anybody do that? Hmmm...

And why was the Ethopian (Black) Eunich of Acts 8:32-33 stuck on the prophet Isaiah's words “He was despised and rejected of men, ...He was oppressed and he was afflicted...” Perhaps, He found himself despised and rejected by the religious leaders at house of worship he had just attended in Jerusalem? I sure am glad the Evangelist Phillip welcomed him to the waters of baptism, without prejudice and discrimination. Just thinkin
Where does the word of God say this ennuch was homosexual?.Those words were not directed at the Ethiopian ennuch but to the Lord jesus Himself for being rejected by Israel.This is very very disgraceful, folks common, I am sick to the stomach..Is this the world we live in?
Mr robinson be homosexual for life, have sex in the anus and invite God to witness,because you think that is his delight if not his profession, but I submit to you, son of perdition, you are alraedy sifted by Belial, Ibliss has your number, ... enjoy you your eternal deception.
I invite every reader to see my above posted blog. Brother Andy has read somthing I did not write, in his obsession with send folks to Hell. Read my entry! I said "why was the Ethopian (Black) Eunich of Acts 8:32-33 stuck on the prophet Isaiah's words 'He was despised and rejected of men, ...He was oppressed and he was afflicted...' Perhaps, He found himself despised and rejected by the religious leaders at house of worship he had just attended in Jerusalem?" I know full well that this is Isa. 53 which speaks of the Jesus in Matt 27 but just like Luke 4:18 illuminates Isa 61:1. Phillip is sent to illuminate Isa 53 in the mind another who has also been 'despised and rejected of men and "preach unto him JESUS!"


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