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Do Christians date?

Would I consider someone of a different faith as a mate at the time of introduction and during courtship?
Peace Minister Busby,
If a question would offend me, then I need to really get saved, thank you very much for your consideration of my feelings. smile...

In my short 25 years in this walk I have been saddened to find most so-called "Christian" men to be weak minded, weak hearted, weak spirited, weak pray-ers, weak activists, weak in the WORD, etc.

Most of them go to church on Sunday's, have Christmas trees, celebrate Yeshua's birthday on December 25th, preach Easter Sunday ressurection sermons, have Valentines Day events, wear green on St.Patrick's , can't tell me anything about theses Days of Sorrow.

And ..... they push up on me in an agressive sexual way just like any other man. One of the reasons why I don't put my pic up on this site is because of these hounds on this site (married and otherwise).

If I were available and I met a man that had spiritual substance, he would not be crossed off the list just because he was not pentecostal, or baptist, or catholic, etc.

I would allow him to speak to me long enough to see if he had any access to GOD. It might not get past an introduction but I would be open to hear GOD.

If we started courting there is a long list of criteria that even the so-called Christian men can not keep up with.one being that if you can't see Yeshua as LORD, then we have no future together.

Of course, my real point was do Chrsitians date? A whole other blog for a different day I suppose.
Well if your real point was do Christians date why not ask that question flat out? Why kind of beat around the bush, and why lump all "christian" men into the same category? Do All have christmas trees? Do All fornicate? Do All do the things that you mentioned? NO! So why is it that you would make it out to be that way?
It is rare that a "church-going" (and I say that loosely and not to infer that they have a relationship with Christ) men would really respect the women that they are fornicating with. I've known soooo many who have this double minded paradigm that says,

"I don't want a woman who will give in to me so easily" and yet if the woman does give in to sex... they have no problem going thru with it.

Most (not all) men don't want to marry the women who give into sex with them. In the back of their minds they will repeatedly have sex with you and even promise a relationship but never really commit to being in one with you. The women deceive themselves into thinking that the sex is bot the bait and the thing that will keep them men in their lives. And they wonder why they have been in relationships with men who they have had long term sexual relationships with and then out of the blue he marries someone else.

If sex is the opening and foundation of your relationship as a Believer... then that is the seed that you sow... what kind of harvest do you think you will get....I can guarantee that it won't be a blessed and blossoming relationship harvest. The word tells us that what we so THAT and that alone is what we will reap. You can't so corn seeds and reap a cotton harvest. You sow a sexual relationship...you reap one... But it will be void of God's blessing over it. It will be void of long term happiness. It will be void of a body that you can present to the Lord God as a LIVING SACRIFICE HOLY AND ACCEPTABLE which is our reasonable worship.

If our bodies are a sacrifice to the Lord... should we present him an offering with spot and blemish... one that is defiled? We don't think of that. We don't think that that same body that you are defiling with fornication is what you are presenting to the Lord as a "living sacrifice".

I know this is a bit off topic but I just wanted to share that with everyone.
IF you decided to "date" someone who shared a different faith, how far could the relationship really go if you are a child of the King? Can two people honestly "date" and not have a fundamental agreement on something? How can you have a conversation and when someone says something contrary to the Word of God, do you now say nothing or do you correct them with the truth? If you correct them with the truth how long will you really date before they say "I'm cool"?
People with fundamental differences date all the time. Democrats/Republicans is one example of such.

Because someone does not profess their faith the same way that you do does not mean there is not a fundamental commonality.

Yeshua is LORD with me or you "get's no play" I don't care who you're "reppin'" spiritually.

Christans say and do things contray to the word of GOD all the time. How many Christmas trees were in the homes of so-called Christians? How many in the homes of my readers? How many celebrate Yeshua's birthday in Decemeber when the Word of GOD clearly demonstrates otherwise. How many fornicate with the people they are "dating" or even engaged too?

If you correct anyone with the Truth, how long will you really date before they say "I'm cool"?
So what your saying is a Chistian for you is someone of another faith?
If you dont mind me asking was your ex-husband saved? Not a church attender but saved? But to your other point you are probably very correct single men within the body of Christ need to step there game up. Heck I'm married and every now and then I get some friendly reminders that my wife needs more! But to that note I've found that sometimes women need to tell a man before the first outing there expectations.
Rev. Culberson you said: women need to tell a man before the first outing there expectations.

May the church say AMEN to that!!!

Men are not mind readers! Set boundaries and expectations up front. When you do that not only does it weed out those who don't need to be in your life but it also sets a nice fence around the relationship "playground". When you are on a playground as kids, when there is no fence, you dont know how far is too far, you my accidentally get lost and go too far from the play ground, you may find yourself on the wrong playground with the wrong toys or playing equipment, you may find yourself playing with wrong people...etc. But with a fence or boundary in place, you know that everyone and everything within that boundary is for your enjoyment. So if the two of you set biblical boundaries up front, then you are free to play without breaking any rules. You are free to discover one another and learn about one another.. (it becomes a wonderful time)

Adam and Eve had the ENTIRE garden as their "play ground" and had only the boundary of not touching ONE tree. an ENTIRE GARDEN!!!! but they focused on the one thing they couldnt do instead of all the other stuff they could do.

We do the same with relationships, we focus on the fact that we are not suppose to have sex before marriage and forget about all the many many other things we CAN do to discover one another and learn who the other person is. I dont mean learn each other sexually but mentally, emotionally, spiritually sooooo much we CAN do in the "play ground" of relationships!!!

We can get on the slide and learn how we deal with the ups and downs of life.
We can get on the merry go round and learn how to we have dealt with the cycles of life
We can get on the swings and covenant together as we swing side by side
We can get dirty in working with our hands as volunteers
We can get exhilirated as we run around lifes playground laughing at the freedom we have
We can explore the playground together and find other couples to fellowship with
We can go to the water fountain of the word together and be refreshed
We can play on the monkey bars and encourage one another to make goals and help one another get from one side of a goal to the end of it
We can get on the see saw and know that there will be times when one is up while the other is down

and so on and so on and so on
No Christians should not interact/date with another FAITH.....

What do Christianity and Islam have too do with each other..

Solomon lost a kingdom by way of his actions with one of another faith..........
WOW thats crazy!
I am so glad to read your responses to this question. Please note that in times like these..."WE" need to witness and outreach to those who perhaps have been mis-led, mis-guided, and mis-informed.
I pray that we take a look spiritually on the "needs" of the said individual and hear their outward and inward cry. Remember, you were not always saved also....the Bible says, "How can two WALK together unless they agree?".........still holds true today.
Everyone lets win one....Every Soul save a Soul..Peace!
Your life may be the only Bible that people read.....Be A Witness!!!


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