Outreach Ministry needed in times like these.....one of several questions coming your way

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a christian man acts the same way an atheist man does around a beautiful woman...
it really depends on the person more than the religion they come from, theres many christian men out there that have sex before marriage and many atheist men who do not and vice versa....
and lets not forget the catholic priests that rape young boys...and the many, many, many other incidences of wrongdoing in the church by people of power...

it depends on the person because you don't need to be religious to have values and morals, atheists also have values and morals...
No! If I were single I would not date someone who did not believe in the Messiah. Plain and simple. He is the way, the only way. And How can two walk together unless they agree. The conversation may be wonderful, he may have a great job and qualify as a great Head of household. But If he is not a believer than no I would not. I would not care what sect he is from Christian, Messianic Jew etc as long as he is a saved believer walking in obedience to the word. The things that matter to me in a marriage are all scriptural. He must have a relationship with the most high and a strong prayer life above all else. The other things too. But those I named are important to me. And as far as dating goes... Like the sister said, well thats a whole other topic.
Now thats when I must say denominations have got in the way, you have a foundation to build upon when you both confess Christ. But when one of you know Him, and the other one does not then you have no foundation to start a relationship on.
Not if you dont try to force your denominations/religions superiority over the other one. My grandfather was a christian, my grandmother a muslim, and they have lived perfectly fine. They raised each of their kids around both religions and allowed them to decide for themselves when it spoke to them.

Was your grandfather a Christian when they got married?

I have a question. In your opinion, which "religion" is right for the issues of life and death and life after death? Muslim or Christian?

My vehicle will ONLY take unleaded gasoline. Water won't work and Diesel just won't do. If I use anything other than what the manufacturer specifies, I run the risk of messing up my vehicle. But, at the gas station, I have the freedom to choose whichever fuel I want and then of course deal with the outcome. At a young age, I teach my kids to pump gas and which feul and which octane to use. I teach them which buttons to press, how to swipe my credit card, how to put the nozzle in the tank, etc.

Sometimes, we take advantage of our "freedom of choice" to the detrement of our souls.


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