Please add a short comment here! I'll start off! Be nice this is just some good ole Chuuch folk fun! REMEMBER CHRISTIANS! It's better to leave people smiling than to leave them frowning!

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"You think romantic is making love to a Gospel Song!"
Ha Ha, and all three are faded from sitting in the sun too long!
"You go to funerals of people you don't know, just so you can have a good cry!"
YEA! and you get happy just long enough to shout your way out the sanctuary and into the restroom!
"........when you can't say two sentences without quoting scriptures!"

"......when your sons are named Matthew Mark Luke and John!"
LOL (LOVE OUT LOUD)! POL (PRAISE OUT LOUD)! We don't always walk around in sackcloth and sandles with a flask full of Holy Water! God wants us to be common and intelligent!
Yea, Standing around on the corner with a sign yelling "WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!" Like you're Prophesying! We all know that already!
Church fans?!?!?! LOL!!!!!!!!!!
Now that's serious right there! lol!
when everytime you disagree with someone, you say "the devil is a liar!"


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