Please add a short comment here! I'll start off! Be nice this is just some good ole Chuuch folk fun! REMEMBER CHRISTIANS! It's better to leave people smiling than to leave them frowning!

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When you happen to stop by people's house to have a prayer meeting, exactly at dinner time!
You know you're a Bible Thumper when you leave the restroom and your skirt is up in the back, your slip is slipping and your wig is on crooked! Oh yea, and when you owe somebody Money and say,"Jesus paid it all!"
You know you're a Bible Thumper when you have to leave the sanctuary right before they pass the collection plate! LOL! You shout right on out the door!
"what church you go to ? LOL sound like Holiness wit the dollies on the head.. speaking of which you know youre a Bible Thumper when you wear your dolly even to the grocery store."

Wow. I think thats rather lovely. Not funny.
LOL! I'm sure we could go on all day about Bible Thumpers! You know I'm a Bible Thumper for rebuking my Dog for growling at me! I thought about it after I done it! She was probably rebuking me for attempting to grab her bowl while she was eating!
"Your car bumper says: Rapture ready.. are you?"
"If the remote control does not work, and you command it to work in the name of Messiah!"

You know you are a bible thumper if you BIND the calories and sugar in that supersized RED soda and bag of chocolate chip cookies. And LOOSE healthy nutrients in your body. all so you don't get fat. hmmm.
You know you are a bible thumper if you BIND the demons of unemployment while you watch TBN ALL DAY LONG.


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