Recently one of our most devot leaders killed himself. He was a lawyer and left instructions on what was to happen with every thing. Everyone was shocked because he is only 49 and one of the most knowledgable persons at the church. He taught and helped out and never turned anyone down. He never charged for his services to the church members. His neighbors said he was a good Christian. We miss him, but many people are not sure what to think about this.

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This happen in our community as well, there was a young man who shot himself despondent behind a failed marriage. His father a minister in the community states adamantly that his son was not lost(OSAS).

There is no scripture in reference to suicide as I understand. So I'm interested in well at the responses that ones will give?
See Elder that's why I hold you in high regards, for as you, when the bible is silent on an issue, I remain silent as well. There is nothing wrong with saying "we don't know" it's in God's hand.
I compliment you both. I am looking for the passage where Paul writes that he is near death in his depression and is thinking about it also, but he is able to press on because of his support system. Usually the person does not feel or can not reach out to the support that is around them.

What I say on the matter is this, Gal 6:2 tells us to "bear one anothers burdens," that is a law of Christ. We don't reach out to each other because we are afraid they will ask for help or we are afraid of failing them in that help. I also remember a scripture that says for us to "judge not, less we be judged." Salvation is given by grace and I know that when God chooses one, He knows the end at the begining, He knew the saddeness that this life would bring and so this is God stretching us agin and Satan testing our faith, obeidence and rightfully discerning the word of God. We get the sin aspect from the Catholic who have many sins for many things. They are why we eat fish on Fridays. I believe that mis-interpret here and we have been following their lead too long. Thank you both for your responses. God bless.
I have replied below and I thank you for your transparent anoucement that has set someone free today. We often are reluctant to share the dark sides of our personality. As a counselor I believe some things one needs to keep hidden, especially when God has already delivered them from it. But your boldness and honesty can only help someone, and for that we are grateful to you for your love for the community of Christ. Is one of your gifts in counseling. I see a teacher or counselor in your message. God bless and continue to write.
I also remember a scripture that says for us to "judge not, less we be judged

Rev. Robinson, thank you!!!! I was beginning to feel that only a few at this site revered this scripture in their hearts, you boosted my count. Be Blessed
Scripture says, those who believe and are righteous are a remmant, a few, a parcular people. Let not your heart be troubled. God knows and that's enough. There was a song we use to sing, "I got Jesus and that's enough." click here.
No, I think that Samson gave his life, there is a difference, killing, Mr. Watson (let us go to school now, lol) is not a sin, murder is.
God forgives sin. Paul said all have sinned. If you are chosen by God, neither life or death, can separate you from His love. One of the things we forget as finite Christians is that we don't forgive and we even make up rules that you must ask for forgiveness before you die. That is a Catholic principle, not God's. He new us before we were born and what our outcome would be, and yet he chose us, sins and all. suicide is a sin, but is it not unforgiveable. We judge incorrectly because we don't know. "Judge not", I will have grace and mercy on who I have grace and mercy for I am God.

This is a very dangerous message you are sending. Your message could cause someone who is contemplating suicide, but is afraid of the eternal consequences to go ahead and do it. No one needs to here that killing themselves is okay and bares no consequences. Think again.

If what you say is true then we all can just take a short cut to heaven and kill ourselves now instead of waiting. Why go through the heartaches of life or possibly the tribulation. Let's be very careful what we endorse as you may be sending someone to hell. There blood will be on your hands.
I am a grief counselor and a minister. This is what I do. I get families who are torn up from mis-information and refusing to bury people because of the shame. I am not the one who needs to rethink. The message is clear. God gives us choices and allows us to make bad choices. He loves us even when we are a fool. The task we have is to live for Him, do His will, and love one another. Placing blame and putting judgment on people is not our call, it is His, that is why He repeats over and over that He will judge. Re-read Revelations and James, I think you may see that God wants us all to live and do His will, but when we fail, he will forgive us, if we repent. Too often, we do not forgive ourselves. Last week we had a 14 year old who was afraid of getting a C on her report card, because her parents demanded that she get A's and B's so she hung herself, and now they wonder where she is. We need to stop blaming the victims and stop making victims. Be there for people who need our help instead of turning them away or putting pressure or stress on them. Just as God takes us as we are, we need to see people for who they are. We are not all the same, and everyone can't stand the heat. No one is saying sucide is okay, just the opposite, but we need to do all we can as leaders. If you are not a counselor, hire one, or send your people to a Christian counselor, don't try to do, what you are not called to do. you will only make things worse by giving mis-inofrmation. If you would like to speak with me on this matter call me. My # was listed before. God bless
Please, don't misunderstand me sister. My statement is not a statement of judgment but one of caution. I understand that you counsel the families of those who have committed suicide and no, I am not saying that you should tell them that their loved ones are in hell. What I am saying is that telling someone that there are no consequences when you yourself cannot be sure of that is very dangerous.

Our family has dealt with suicide twice and it leaves everyone devastated and confused. The one individual that killed himself left a note advising everyone else to join him if they loved him. The other was one who shot himself with a shot gun and blew his head off. It had to be a closed casket funeral.

Again, no one is saying to tell the family the person is in hell, but what I am saying is that those living should not feel that this action is okay as they may feel that death is a way to be closer to the one that is already gone. One person in particular who read Lamar's note about joining him in death was so depressed and contemplated doing the same. His sister had to really, really talk to him and convince him that this was not the right thing to do.

I still stand firm on being careful how we minister to people in these situations. I would not want to have people thinking that they will simply meet Christ in heaven and actually be sending them to hell. We don't have a heaven or hell to put anyone in and that makes it even more sure that we be careful. Family members would be best left with words of encouragement concerning getting through their grief. And if need be, and the family ask, just inform them that you are not the authority on whether or not a person goes to heaven or hell in these situations.


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