Recently one of our most devot leaders killed himself. He was a lawyer and left instructions on what was to happen with every thing. Everyone was shocked because he is only 49 and one of the most knowledgable persons at the church. He taught and helped out and never turned anyone down. He never charged for his services to the church members. His neighbors said he was a good Christian. We miss him, but many people are not sure what to think about this.

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As all of my answers have stated, I am not saying anything about consequences, that is a judgment best left to God. I agree we need to be mindful how we address the needs of the family and those watching you.
A fact that may help you is that 97% of those who try sucide will succeed. A griping stat, but we know that those are mostly pyshotic people with a medical illness, not diagnosed or misdiagnosed. Depression comes with many layers. We need more people able to talk them thru. I rest in knowing that God's Word instructs and encourages. We need to stand on the Word of God. Thank you, for your spirited discussion. I think we are saying the same thing using different points of view. Sucide is a sin. Will you go straight to hell, not according to scripture. God makes that determination. Amen.


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