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AASAP , is now a part of the Black business Network, Was Founded to Unite Black People Together for the Purpose of Having a Direct Positive Impact on the Black Community.

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Comment by Howard Sands on November 2, 2021 at 10:38pm
African Ministers ALERT !!! There’s MORE. More networking, More resources, More training, More opportunities, More chances for unity, More ministers: - Join now here **
• evangelists, singers, musicians, dancers, childrens’ workers,
• ladies, men’s & youth leaders, NGO’s, trainers, authors,
• teachers, pastors, prophets, apostles etc
with a passion for Africa on Africa Network BFTF
that need to hear what YOU have to say.
Free membership. Free Training. Free Resources.
Connect, invite speakers with the specialties your church needs, find places to speak yourself, share your revelation, sell your books, music, training, consulting, work for unity.
Comment by Dr. Rosalyn Shaw Belt on February 10, 2014 at 9:38am



Sell the #1 Dental HMO in 25 states - NO LICENSE REQUIRED

160 Million people have NO Dental Insurance


#1 Dental HMO -


Compensation Plan -


Here's what's important to JUMP START AND FAST START this program



The fast money is in the #5 and everybody getting 5 with the minimum Dental Plan.  It's something everyone can use. 


If they just don't need the Dental, they can get the Doctor plus PAC for an additional $10 in most states



MONTHLY COST - $69/month (includes Dental plan and business expense)


Comment by Dr. Rosalyn Shaw Belt on January 9, 2014 at 11:20am

Obamacare?  What you need to know.

When Car Insurance became mandatory, the car insurance companies & agents made money. Now Health Insurance is mandatory. Can you go to the bank?

Find out how our Healthcare Program is compatible and helps Obamacare and how you can get paid sharing it WITHOUT A LICENSE.

Find out how to benefit by sharing the #1 Dental plan in the country. Is it time for you to have some supplemental residual income?

Are you tired of jumping into opportunities and never making any real money?

Join me on the M-F CONFERENCE CALL at 1pm CST (2pm EST / 11am PST / 8am Hawaii) - Call 267-507-0240 Code 412707

Comment by Dr. Rosalyn Shaw Belt on January 6, 2014 at 10:20am

Sell Dental Insurance - NO LICENSE REQUIRED


AMERICAN WORKERS INSURANCE SERVICES (AWIS), a 30 year old company, based out of Houston, TX, with an A rating with the BBB, is A Licensed Insurance Agency. We are underwritten by U.S. Fire & Insurance Company for Health Plans, Delta Dental for Dental Plans and ING for Life Insurance. Some of our other vendors are Aetna, Direct Labs, and others.


We provide all of the training


All of our Dental and Association Plans can be sold WITHOUT A LICENSE.


We're Not Your Average Healthcare Company

And here's why. . .


• Everyone is accepted

• No medical restrictions

• No occupational restrictions

• No cost increases

• 30-day money back guarantee

• Nationwide provider network

• No U.S. resident denied


What do AARP, AAA and Sams Club all have in common?  Memberships and benefits after being a member.  NAPP (National Association of Preferred Providers) provides membership for $12/year/family and gives each member access to limited association group insurance benefits at affordable rates


One of which is the #1 Dental HMO in the country, as well as so many other Insurance Benefits.


Association members qualify for Group Health, Dental, and Life Insurance, Plans are very affordable with outstanding benefits.


Sales Commission: $42-$175/Initial Commission / 20%-37% Monthly Residual Commission / 97% Retention


To schedule an initial phone interview, email your contact information and the best time to contact you or call 281-410-8784

Comment by Dr. Rosalyn Shaw Belt on November 15, 2013 at 8:22am

So much is happening with the Affordable Care Act.  Listen, if you need something RIGHT NOW!  Take a look until they figure it out.

The members of our association- NAPP – National Association of Preferred Providers - qualify for Group Health, Dental, Life Insurance, and Discount Programs at very affordable rates with outstanding benefits.
This is not Major Medical Insurance.  This is not Discount Insurance.  This is a combination of both – Association Health Plans

We're Not Your Average Healthcare Company

And here's why…
•     Everyone is accepted – No social required
•     No medical restrictions
•     No occupational restrictions
•     No cost increases
•     30-day money back guarantee
•     Nationwide provider network
•     No U.S. resident denied
•     Enroll today and start saving!
For more info – &
If you are in NY or MD - or

Comment by Dr. Rosalyn Shaw Belt on August 14, 2013 at 7:54pm

Use this for your business.

I was just exposed to this system and it's really good!



Get more leads, more sales and more exposure through a lead system to promote anything you want - complete with autoresponders, lead capture pages, dashboard, banners and a contact manager


Every other lead that comes through the system comes back to you - FOR FREE


You can upgrade to get EVERY lead in the system, but if you choose to you can keep it for FREE forever and receive every other lead.


Go to - Click "register for early notification list" now so you are in position to start using the FREE LEAD SYSTEM.


Upgrading is your option but you don't have to.  Use it and see it work.  What does it cost you?  NOTHING!


Share you personal link with everyone you know, no matter what business they are in, whether it is online or offline, whether it is a regular business, home based business or MLM; if they need customers, sales, clients, etc., they need leads.


EVERYONE NEEDS LEADS.  The beginning of your success starts with a potential customer.


Comment by Dr. Rosalyn Shaw Belt on August 13, 2013 at 3:24pm

All Dental Plans Are Not Equal Things you need to know:

1. Co-Pays - Out of Pocket Expense

2. Deductibles - more out of pocket expense

3. Does the percentage decrease for getting major work done?

4. Limitation on the # of times you can receive services

5. Age Limits

6. Is there an annual maximum that limits coverage once you've reached it?

7. Are there time limits?

8. Is there are waiting period - some impose 6-18 months

9. Are there a number of dentists to choose from

10. Are pre-existing conditions allowed?

11. Does the price change based on the # of family members

Why you need a dental insurance?

Dental Insurance is designed to pay the costs associated with dental care. Dental insurance offers a protection from unexpected dental expenses by paying all or a portion of the bills from dentists, and other providers of dental services. Most of us will need some kind of major dental work sometime in our lives. A dental insurance can help to deal with the cost of dental care without compromising our health by leaving any dental problems untreated. The increase on life expectancy has also increased the need for dental care in order to keep teeth in good condition. As we get older we may find ourselves in a greater risk to need major dental work even if we take good daily care of our teeth.


Comment by Dr. Rosalyn Shaw Belt on August 9, 2013 at 9:09am

God is our Provider and ultimate source of true, lasting wealth.  In His Word He has given us principles by which to live by and prosper on this earth.  Diversifying our investments, scattering our seeds and varied business ventures are all biblical keys to channeling multiple streams of income.

Why should you do something that brings in residual income even with a JOB?

In Deuteronomy 8:18 we read,

“But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.”

God teaches that He does not give us wealth but He gives us the power to create wealth. This requires action on the part of the steward. There are some practical things we must do here, in the now, if we are to see financial success.  

1. Regular Income - stops when you are sick, unemployed or retired.
Residual Income - pays recurrently for work done once.

Types of Residual Income
1. Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Car Insurance, etc.
2. Music Industry - write a song - get payed royalties for life
3. Writing a Book - sell a book - get payed royalties for life
4. Network Marketing Companies/MLM's
5. Online business/Affiliate Marketing
6. Acting Industry - get paid every time the movie plays
7. Inventor - get paid royalties on their invention

Basically anything that you can do once and make money while you sleep.

Why did I finally choose Insurance, preferably Dental & Health?
1. Health Care Reform situation.
2. Like helping people.
3. People need it and don't have it.
4. Can help others get started WITHOUT ANY MONEY!
5. Don't need a license to sell Association Health Plans and Dental.
6. Really good commissions.
7. I see it working.
8. Easy to learn.
9. Don't have to be a salesman.
10. Do it at your own pace because ministry is still my main priority.

Find what's good for you, but get something to bring in an additional stream of income. That's Biblical.

Have I lost money in the past? ABSOLUTELY YES
Am I losing money now? ABSOLUTELY NO!

Want info about what I'm doing? Email at

Feel free to visit my marketing site -

Comment by Richard Julian on July 24, 2013 at 2:13pm

DO YOU SUPPORT FEDERAL PROSECUTION OF GEORGE ZIMMERMAN FOR TRAYVON MARTIN'S MURDER? Read the new Travon Martin e-book after the Not Guilty Verdict.  The E-Book is Powerful. The Website for it is on the cover of the e-book. Hot New E-book! It's called Prospect of Hate - Is Justice Too Late!

Comment by Cee Cee H. Caldwell on July 20, 2013 at 2:32pm

I have partnered with FG Xpress to help people eradicate the pain they are suffering in their lives. Do you know any one who is dealing with arthritis, fibromyaligia, back pain, knee pain, any pain at all. If you give me a list of 10 people, I will have samples sent to you and them for them to try the FG Xpress PowerStrips. Please check out the video below and the instructions for use information.

What Makes Power Strips Work



Check out this - AWESOME TESTIMONY from Johnnie Medina

Hello Everyone!
Albeit a long read, I want to share my testimony with all of you about my experience with this amazing product. As some of you know, I have torn ligaments in both of my knees from 6 years of being a Police Officer, and 9 years in the Marine Corps and Navy Reserve. I was honored to be able to serve my Country and the people of Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.
I have lived with chronic, daily pain for 8 years. I have taken many pain killers and medications trying to get some relief, to no avail.
Recently, I was contacted by my friend, who knows about my condition, and asked me to try this new product, Power Strips by FG Xpress. He told me he believed they could give me some relief from my pain. I was skeptical, but since they were free samples, I had nothing to lose. Here's the amazing part!
After just 1 hour of wearing the Power Strips slightly above my knees, and after 8 years of pain and discomfort, the pain was completely gone!!
I don't mean the pain diminished a little, I mean the PAIN WAS GONE!!
That same day, I was able to RUN up the stairs when my wife called for me, and realized that when I got to the top, (in record time I might add), that I had not experienced ANY pain whatsoever!! Both my wife and I were astounded!
I called Fred right away, and said "I want more of these, I don't care what the cost is!" My results were so miraculous, that I decided to partner with the company and start telling everyone I know about them. If they were living with any kind of pain, I told them they had to try Power Strips!These Power Strips are a God send! If you suffer from ANY kind of pain, knee pain, migraines, back pain, fibromyalgia, etc, I urge you to try this amazing product.
The Body of Christ does not have to suffer when God provides a way of escape.

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