I just saw by finally looking into the Groups section of BPN that we have a voice here. My name is John Estell and I'm the Chapter Director in Denver, Colorado. I'm so thankful that God put in Brother Alonzo to start this movement and put in our hearts to be partakers of it. I'm 60 years yound and I find that we are still talking about things today that we talked about when I was in my teens and twenties. This is really pathetic because a lot of it stems from us waiting for the government to do something for us. It's never going to happen but yet we wait! There is never going to be sixty acres and a mule and if it were the acres would be in the swamp and the mule couldn't perform. I see a lot of us that feel we've succeeded and moved out of our communities forget about that community and those left behind. I've been guilty of that in the past myself saying things like "Man I don't have to worry about anyone breaking in my house, robbing me, bringing down the value of my property and other pathetic statements." I alway wanted to be able to do something but never did, I just worried about myself and for that I do apologize. Now I have the ability and desire and forum to do something to help. I know I'm not the only one that sees in our communities where other folk are moving in, moving us out and then raising the economic values of our neighborhoods. We see other folk come into our neighborhoods and start businesses and we complain about it. Why? We can do just what others do and do it better because they don't have feeling for our communities except a monetary value. Our values are deeper for our communities. I'm thankful to all you Sisters and Brothers that have joined us in this spiritual based movement and pray that our Saviour will continue to strenghten us in our quest because we are going to need it and it has to be from Him. I am so excited to be a part of this because I know this is real and not like some of our leaders that come out of the woodwork only when they can be on TV or the public eye to bring attention to their own cause and not really for the betterment of African Americans. Don't make me name names because you all know the so called leaders I'm talking about. I'm too old to hide my feelings and I'll name them. Some of us think we've come a long way because we see Black faces on TV, the Big screen, sports and the like. That means absolutely nothing to me and I don't apologize for saying it. I told Brother Alonzo I can let my feelings come forth and that's just me. I'm spiritual but I'm real. I came from the streets of Kansas City, Mo and South Central, LA and thank God for my journey and my trials and tribulations He allowed me to go through to become who I am today. I know I'm a recovering sinner and always will be and don't try to say what's politically correct. It's time to just be correct and forget the politics. I asked a friend of mine to join (he lives in a $800,000 dollar home away from the community, drives a Porsche and he and spouse make tons of money) and he told me "I don't join no bible thumping groups." I replied that if he thinks he got to where he is because of his own merits, he's mistaken. Just like God gave to him, He can take it back. Yeah I know I can get on a thing and run with it but this is how I feel my Brothers and Sisters and I'm just sharing my feelings. I'm not here to say warm and fuzzy things to make one feel good but hopefully spread some food for thought. I can take it like I can dish it out. All glory belong to God and not us. I'm finished and I know I said a lot and I may not say the things that one wants to hear but I will say what I feel. May God bless you and May God help us in our struggles and quest to open the eyes of our Brothers and Sisters and give them the understanding of what we need to do as one and not be separate. We don't have to live in our communities to be a part of our communities. Peace and Love to you all.

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