1) Rita Needs to do community service but can't find an outlet for it. Really stressed about life, medical conditions like high blood pressure, life spiraling out of control since her mother died.
2) William wants to return to his first love of Jesus. Has problem with urinary issues. Wants healing, got thrown out of his house by his uncle but is going to court to get the house back.
3) Tracie problem with a job, has friend Heath who may lose his job, another friend Michelle having fight with sister and may have to move out of her house
4) Barbara On various medications, gets nervous about it and about taking tests
5) Jennifer Requests prayer for Darek. He needs deliverance from depression.
6) Ann praises God for answered prayer. God resolved an impossible issue regarding selling her parents home. She requests prayer for her family's salvation (parents, 2 brother's & 1 sister). The family is very dysfunctional. Ann requests prayer for wisdom and for her behavior and reactions toward her family.
7) Angela requests prayer for herself and her 3 children. Her mother has threatened to take her children away from her.
8) Preston, 53 and from August until now has had health problems accompanied with pain. Also, he said he is about to be financially ruined. He is staying with his mother. At times he feels helpless. His body gets numb. He is looking to the Lord for a healing touch. Is reading the Scripture. Said he has a mass on his spine and a pinched nerve causing his body to get numb.
9) Frederick Going through a difficult time right now. He has been promiscuous in the past but he does not wnat to live that kind of a life anymore. He has moved to a new city trusting with the help of the Lord he can live for Him and walk in His ways.
10) Gregory was in a relationship and had a child. The girl he had a child with took him to family court. He did not say what the outcome was. He said he has jobs with no future - He is looking to God to open a door for him.
11) Joan her daughter, Mary, has a fever. Both her Dentist and Doctor gave her the wrong medicine. She has been very sick. Her husband is running with other women. Her son, Joe, was born two months early and half his brain is dead. The State has taken him. Joan needed prayer.
12) Mary’s friend's son, David and his wife, are missionaries in Kiev and the Russians have cut off the gas in that area. David and wife have three children who are home schooled. 2) Neighbor has a son who died two days ago. Had cancer for two years - was a police officer and a good Christian. Mary wanted prayer for the family.
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Created on Tuesday, January 06, 2009
13) Nancy she has an appointment on the 12th for career counseling. She needs God's direction. She does not want to be put in a "secular mode" as she put it.
14) Colele’s Mom passed away and she does not qualify for unemployment. When Mom came to stay with her she sold her home and bought a new one. Now she needs a job. Her 20 year old son had a job for three months. Said he did something to a girl and got away with it. She feels she is not hearing from the Lord to know what to do. Said she does not have money coming in to buy groceries.
15) June’s friend, Teresa, has a daughter who is going through a hard time. June wanted us to pray for a job situation when she calls for a job - that the manager will have a job for her.. She is going to be moving and wanted prayer for that as well.
16) Aisha is a single Mom. Her son who is, 16, needs a job. Not sure if he is saved. Feels like they need their own home. they have been living with her mother. She would like to have a husband and wanted prayer for the right husband. She wants to be independent of her Mom because her Mom complains about having to help her.
17) Chad up until last week was engaged but it fell apart. He walked in on her unexpectedly and found her doing something very wrong and disturbing. He was terribly disappointed.
18) Scotty Full time employment
19) Julie has been diagnosed with cancer. While we were praying she said she felt God touched her body and is now believing for total healing, and is praising God.
20) Annette was in car accident this morning. She also has seizures
21) Rick encouragement and control
22) Robert financial help and prayer for those inj need
23) Kevin’s wife filed, Jasmine, for divorce a month ago and Kevin doesn't want it to take place. They have 3 very small children, the youngest is 3 months old. He said they were both Christians.
24) Betty Jo’s son, Alan, has been told that he is losing his job and he needs another one. Her son, David, has a job but wants a better one. He also wrote a movie script that he is trying to sell. Her daughter, Tina, claims to be an atheist and Betty Jo wants her to give her life to Jesus. Betty Jo's husband, Bill, is unsaved and she wants him to give his life to Jesus.
25) James asks God for a better life and to know God's will. I asked him if he was saved and he said ' what?' and I asked him are you born again and he said "what is that?"
26) Patricia’s daughter (26) has pneumonia and asks for the Lord to touch and heal her.
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Created on Tuesday, January 06, 2009
28) Kathy has been sick for a long time and she is seeing a holistic doctor. Kathy prays that God will guild her doctor in the right path in finding a cure for her sickness. Also Kathy had mentioned that her doctor is not a Christain.
29) Mayre’s brother is going to have a trail. Please pray for Oscar
30) Hanna Pray for job
31) Bill Free for anxiety

for samuel woods torn ligament and my grandaughter shes teething debbie

i need strength to leave my boyfriend vero

i have severe and progressing neuropathy and loss of function in my feet. please pray. thank you. Don

Perfect and disease free health,Now Always and Forever, for Tametriece and Bambi,In Jesus name,Amen.

for god to slam my husbands shop with good work and bless and prosper my husband and that this year will be great for us,that god will open up doors and give us miracles,supply our needs,that the shop will not slow down because of winter and the economy. that god will sell all my stuff on ebay, find bidders,sell the car clock,sell everything i have for sale,that god will f ind buyer for my things that will give me good feedbacks. Jan

For Rick, Cassie and Alex.

I am the servant of GOD from last 20 years ministering a small congregation, Neither we have a prayer hall of our own nor own House, I have been a tenent since the last 20 years in allahabad (India) I am serving the lord myself my wife and we have 3 sons. Please pray 1. That lord may add souls to the church from the gentiles. 2. Lord may give us a Permanent place to worship (Prayer Hall) 3. Lord may provide us our own house so that we may not be servants of men rather remain servant of the GOD and the congregation. G. S. Rao

My wife and I need healing and need for God to start opening the doors, for our moving to Pineville North Carolina, and if not Pinevile then Lancaster California or Toms River NJ. We need to know his leading here. I also need deliverance from a problem that has been causing seems to occur every weekend jim

for the job in florida to come thru and for raquel for her ministiry and our ministry in colombia to work together as a team maria

please pray for my family that they will come to know GOD. pray that GOD will send me a job soon. Eddie

Sloane: For Healing from Alcholism sandy

Please pray God remove anger from me Russell

Please pray for the strength to appreciate all God has blessed me with and to rebuke these feelings of depression, loneliness, and hopelessness. I pray for the innocence of a child to replace this bitterness in my heart, for love to be pure and everlasting in my life, and for optimism to be an everyday attribute of mine and my loved ones. Jasmin

Pray that GOD would STOP the foreclosure on my home.That the financial needs will be meet. Lashelle

I have a friend at work. In October 2008 she went on disability leave because she had a pancreas problem; she was given last rights in the hospital, the family was told to say goodbye, she regained strength and survived. In November 2008 her 16 year old son was killed in a car accident. Today I received an email from her (she’s not back at work yet) telling me she has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Pray, Pray Hard, Please Her name is Sue. Lauren

Please pray for me to be lifted out of severe depression. Peggy

Please pray that my parents and I learn to talk openly with each other, and really get to know one another again. We are polite but there is such a distance between us; please pray we grow closer again, and feel free to share our feelings. There are issues in the past that I am holding onto suffocating our relationship. Help me let go of them; I sometimes think the only way is to talk about them instead of holding them inside. They are resentments that have built up over the years. Part of me says it will only hurt us more if I bring them up; the other part of me says I need to bring them up in order to have a relationship with them again. I feel like I am distancing myself from them because of issues in the past and the person I am who I feel they wouldn't accept--a gay son. Please pray for a healing in our relationship Treavor

Please pray for me and my husbands safety and protection. We are being harassed and lied about out of hate and jealosy. Please pray that 2009 is a better year and that I can find a job and get accepted into the LPN program at the college for nursing. Thank You, Jenny
I became a Christian at a very early age but fell away from God as a teen. I still love Him and have rededicated my life to God. But I need prayer for strength because I still struggle with sin from my former life. I was very into new age stuff like spell and psychic reading I need God's deliverance because those things are still very enticing to me. Instead of giving my problems to God I want to run and get a spell as a quick fix which is wrong and I don't want to be tempted to go there again like my former days. Your prayer is greatly appreciated as I ask God to give me victory in this battle to overcome Satan. Beth

My heart is so heavy with sadness and discouragement. My family and I with through a lot of teen problems last year and I just don`t have the strength to have faith this year, that it will be any better or easier. Everyone tells me this is normal, but I don`t belief it, because our teens are raised with Christian values. We have other parents constantly calling, coming over to our house and threatening and harassing us over things we had NOTHING to do with. I want these parents to stop blaming my kids and us for their own kids problems. We get unwillingly dragged into stuff and I am so tired of it. I am developing a non-Christian attitude, but only the reason is,I had been so nice and good to these parents and cooperated that I just got bowled over, stepped on and had mud and such wiped on me like a door mat. I want to be able to stand up for myself, but not have a bad attitude. I`m not saying, our kids are perfect, they have done their own things, but we do not want to be accused of things. Sandra

prosperity, financial stability Carol

Battling against colon and liver cancer with a 10 year old daughter. She is scheduled for chemo again next week. None of the family know Jesus. Wendy

I am requesting prayer for my children and grandchildren. Geri

Christian man needs job. Roberta

My husband I have a son is Mr/DD and has rec'd notice that he is being terminated in the program he is in. this is a Faith based program through the A/G. Please pray God will keep these doors open for our son Thanks much for joing with my husband and I. Pastor Shirlie

Pray for my health problems and for financial blessing. Franc

I pray that the lord jesus christ will burn in hell and his followers will stop being jerks. Jose

My son Scottie. He needs to be set free and restored. Mindy

Needs to find a job soon. Lisa

Wisdom of God for Increase in personal finances. Tarsha

my brother just got out of parchman he is in a battle between good and evil he a really good man hes addicted to crack so please pray for him with all your heart hes all i have bith our parents deceased i have been saved for 1yr so i no god can just need help praying for him Rolanda

I'm retired. My husband died 9/07. I'm lonely and the close relationship I use to have with The Lord has diminished. Wanda

Need healing for pancreas and stomach. Have excess tiredness Beth

We are Assemblies of God Missionaries. We traveled home from the field to help with the World Missions Summit in Cincinnati this week. Upon arrival I developed laryngitis and my voice has not returned for more than one week. Please pray for my voice. Thank you. Peter

I'm submitting this request to have your prayer team pray for my marriage. My wife and I are currently seperated and she doesn't know if she wants to get back together. Both of us are Christians and I truly believe that Jesus can restore our marriage. Finally I would like to thank you and please pray for me. James

i need prayer and direction in my life, i dont know what to do anymore. i been praying and believing and i need a miracle. for one thing is i need to let go of a relationship (an affair) that i am in. also. i need Gods will in my life. please please pray for me.. shirley
Please pray that I will get a job or the resources to pay all of my bills. I have been without a job since May 2007 due to no fault of my own. The jobs were sent overseas. Pray that we will be able to pay for our home and our cars are really old and that they will hold together until we can afford newer ones. Pray that our family will get closer and that we will all feel the love and first and foremost that God will be over our family and take care of us all. Audrey

my name is amanda and i recently just got out of a two year relationship with the love of my life. We are both Christians but after the past couple of weeks reflecting on our relationship, it don't believe we made God our number one focus. We would go to church, we would pray, but still there was something blocking our focus. I know we loved each other and still do very much but we started to take each other for granit, i started to get bored, i even started developing small crushes on others. We knew something had to happen and we needed a good solid break but neither one of us wanted to let go. Please pray for us and our situation, even if it seems impossible. I have made a promise to God, that if we were to get backtogether, I would always always love and support him and submitt to him and follow him wherever God may lead us and set examples to others on how to be more Christ like, and share our story and how we failed but how God amended things with faith and hope. Please pray for us and for me to have strength in that no matter what happens, I can stay strong. Amanda

My husband, who was a recovering drug addict, relapsed today. Please pray for a quick recovery and his safety while in his current environment. Also, please pray for our family while he is away. Sara

I am asking everyone to please pray with me for the restoration of my marriage. The bible says that God hates divorce and so do I. My wife and I are separated now but no matter how impossible things look I will not let satan claim my marriage. Please join me in prayer as I fight for my wife and our family. ronnie

I'm a new Youth Pastor. Pray for wisdom and direction. Felix

please for my Mother in hospital that everything will go good for her. pray for me that god we heal my feet. Gwinsh

Financial stability Hope

Please pray for my son Tyler. Pray he comes back home to his family and rededicates his life. Barbara

My friend NC has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. Please pray that she has the strength to fight the disease and to look to God for strength MC

I believe I have Scabies. Tried a treatment and didn't work. I am in need of a healing from the mites. I am just about to lose it. The itchy and scaring is horrible. I am a clean person. Also, need prayer for money to come in my household. Also, I may have diabetes and high blood pressure. Please pray for me to be healed. My mom is a smoker and has a growth on her arm and forhead. Please pray for her healing and her eyes to stop hurting and be healed. And my dad to be able to walk better from his stroke. Tammie

Pray for me for a life partner Justine

I am having problems in my marriage and in finding employment. Please pray for me! Karen

For a financial miracle for our church. Janell

Please pray for me to healed from a very bad cold, almost like the flu. Rae

Please pray for me that our God will grant me the favor of conceiving and giving birth to my husband's first born child. Norma

am writing for prayer support regarding co-worker. Has become a very difficult situation. Person has a strong need to be in control of others-to have power over people. Becomes literally abusive if someone performs a little better than her-attacks/accuses(sales related environment-numbers oriented).Please pray that I do not fear this person coming at me-accusing/shaming me. That God would touch me-strengthen me-give me wisdom to stand securely, fearlessly and speak soundly/constructively to stop this person. To stand independent of her-separate and go with a self-respect. She is blatantly abusive I see now. No reason for what's she's doing there other than her own personal issues..Joe

A miracle in my relationship Tracy
For me to get off/ found innocent of harassment charges. My son Andrew has reported me for harassing him on the phone which that was not the case. I pray that when I go talk to the police and show them information that the charges will dismissed or dropped. I love my son, granddaughters and my daughter. I care very much about my daughter-in-law Shonda. I love my dad is not well. I lost my mother to cancer 2/26/08. I have been severly depressed since. I don't have the caring and support and love I need with my children and grand children. I want peace between us, compassion, caring, love from them. I pray to Jesus that we become a close net family. I pray that my son Andrew, My daughter Deanna, my granddaughters, and my daughter-in-law straighten out. I pray they become stop being so self centered, and so selfish. I pray they have more understanding and wisdom. I pray for their souls. I pray for intervention. I pray that I will miraculously be heal of my mental illness. I pray that we become a close knit family. I pray for my job not to be in jeopardy and fear of losing my job. I pray for peace. I pray for Jesus to help me and my family in all ways as well as spiritually. Please pray for us. Please pray that my son and his wife become better parents. That my granddaughters are returned to them from foster care. Please pray for us and please keep us in your prayers. God bless you all. Help me to be strong for I cannot take much more. God Bless, Debora Jenkins

please pray for the pastor(lutheran) of a friend of mine, that he is able to decide for keeping on being with his wife who is not mentally strong enough to support him concerning his serving as a church leader. He wants to divorce beause of that. Could You please pray that there can happen a wonder in his heart? Frank, Germany

I ask for prayer for my marriage. My husband, David, and I have been separated for six months now. I pray for a reconciliation and that my husband could feel love for me again. I pray that he would be saved and that we could have a strong marriage in Christ. I ask that you would help me pray for this miracle and that God could turn David's heart to me and to the reconciliation in our marriage. Raquel

prayer for healing for blood disorder bryan

Healing from cancer for my friend's mother and a good result of a court case concerning her son (also for her son to return whole heartily to the Lord!) MaryAnn

healthy pregnancy brisa

That a broken relationship between Andy & Jane be brought back together.

please pray that somehow a miracle that i will be able to come up with my rent money due jan11,i was off work for a whole month I am behind please pry so that I’m not homeless again thanks for praying Robin

trying to get pregnant Dionne

Please pray for our finances. We believe God is calling us to get out of debt, but right now our bills are greater than our income each month. Pray our income will increase & that we become wiser steward of our time & money. Pray also that we have time for our family (four kids) and wisdom in raising them to be men & women of God. Tina

We need help paying the bills and getting food and I don't know what to do. Also I am sick right now and also may have pink eye. Please help me and my family. I know I should give money to God but if I do I don't know what would happen. Patrick

Please pray for Steve, Katina, Courtney, Adia, Audrey, Asia, Keyonda, Brina, Mr. Roundtree, Mr. Aldo and our family and friends for uncommon wisdom, favor, peace, abundance, love, respect and protection. Pray also that we all who need and strongly desire to move will know where we are to move where our best blessings are and have the means to do so without delay since some of us were late/disobeyed at hearing from GOD. Prayer for the Perfect will of God for us all. Special prayer for myself Darryl for wisdom, favor and abundance. I have had trouble with my overdue bills that my harvest needs to come so that I can be rid of debt and move where the Lord wants me to move. ASAP! I was suppose to move 3 years ago and I was caught up in my comfort zone too much and now I've been suffering because of my lack of understanding of the urgency for me to move. I need prayer for that I will have uncommon forgiveness with those I am indebted with and that I will have the extra time to pay them or for my businesses to make uncommon increase in Jesus name. Please pray over my websites as well as my friend's for maximum views and purchases for our services so our every needs and concerns to be met in Jesus name. Darryl

prayer for my husband Genevieve

brother-in-law Arlester diagnosed with pancreatic cancer shirley
Prayers for financial help along with not having to work so many hours. I am 62 and work 40 hard hours. God Bless and thank you. Sandra

my sister is sick. she has bad lymphoid glands and her arm swells up with infection. she overcame cancer a few years ago. please pray real hard for her. she is such a good woman, always giving to others and helping others. Sandra

Please pray for my wife Kylie to return and my marriage to be restored. She left me in March 2008 after having an affair to be with him and I just want her to come back. Steve

Suffer with daily migraine headaches, have for 10 years now.. Claudette

I am unemployed and living with my daughter, I just returned home from Miami, Florida to Washington, D.C. I need to find work this week, right employment, right people, right salary and I need a place to live right now. I am also a Pastor and need to find a place for our membership to worship, I believe God, please pray for me. Wanda

I need an prayer of an new beginning, peace of mind to help me through my troubles Kirby

strength to work as teacher and worker in grocery store because she plans to pay family's debt my brother has sickness and our lot is mortgaged. this is from her sister in the philippines, mizpah is in washington

Please pray for my grandfather. The plan is to bring him home from the hospital with hospice care within the week. Please pray that he remains strong and that my family remains strong as well. Stephanie

Please pray that the enemy stop attacking me and God will take them away and will stop their attacks.... That nothing that the enemy does will prosper... And God will protect me against all evil.... Specially take Patricia out of my life... That she finds happiness where she lives and stays there. maria.

Deliverance from an abusive husband Liz

Stationed in Guam, Navy,very depressed

I dont even know where to start to pray any more. I am unemployed 6+ months. Health is not the best. Worried and depressed. Keep having same not so good dreams about work. Greg

I was unexpectedly laid off Nov 28, due to the economic downturn. I desire to be rehired by my company or be hired in my field with a different good company. We don't have any savings and our family needs the income soon Lonnie!

I am 43. I am budget hotel manager. I want to open a budget hotel by myself.I need US dollars 200,000.Please pray for me so that i can that amount to build a new hotel. Lawrence.

prayer for my husband to get a job, so i can send my son to school kathie-ann

I have been unable to work for over two years and even though I hav'nt any income the Lord has sustained me hovever not without my weekness getting involved and that is stressfull behavior please pray for my income I won't see a judge until May of 2009 and I am under a huge burden jacklyn

Please pray for friend Jessica that God works in her heart and heals her of all unclean things and helps her to forgive and be considerate, she is not responding to phone call, this is not like her, very concerned Nick

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