In what way is the Bible different from other books?

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Hi Prophet David, the way in which the Bible is different from other books is this, the Bible is the inerrant word of God. Now, when I say 'inerrant' I mean in the sense that it is life-giving. It was written by holy men inspired by Almighty God. That is the major remarkable difference. The book is 'alive' amidst its seemingly many contradictions, it is accurate. The natural eye cannot know it, but we who are blessed to have spiritual eyes through Christ Jesus know the words are alive and able to transform, correct, discipline, deliver, embrace, and cause all who adhere to it to do exploits.

Oh, when I say, 'seemingly contradictions' what I mean is this, at the first reading the young spirit in Christ sees parts of the Bible as chaos, confusion, a great puzzle, if you will until, the very Holy Spirit of God begins to literally teach you the in-depth meaning, and oh, the clarity that comes. It is the Lord's doing and it is magnificent in my eyes!

It's something one can't explain to the natural man who does not know Christ. It's a sacred secret, a mustard seed that grows within the soul and spirit of the believer. As it grows, one comes to know that the words are 'inerrant' amidst seemingly contradictions. Praise our magnificent God! Yes, Praise Him exceedingly!


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