The Antichrist Who or What Is He?

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Oh, that's an easy one, he is the antithesis to everything Christ-like. He is a fake, imitator of Christ. According to Revelation, he is the 'Son of Satan' who is the imitator of Almighty God (11:1-3). He is the ultimate vessel of Satan to bring down God's beloved 'blessed humanity.' He is created by Satan to that end.

As we both know, he will fail. Michael will chain the serpent, the Devil, and cast him into the bottomless pit with his created force the Anti-Christ and False Prophet.
Bless you my beloved more answer
The Anit-Christ is Described as the The One Who maketh Desolate, He Exalts himself against God, The Number of his name is 666, Separate from the Mark of the Beast. he is the One Who Will get Israel to make Peace


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