I'm just gonna start a list of everybody I think of and anybody else can add to the list as we go along. Some of these brothers I know how to contact or find but I am just making a list for anyone who gets on to help me work on contacting everybody until we are all on here. This is just a list of preachers I went to school with, but please add any other previous or subsequent classes.

We can mark the names off as the brothers "Check In"....lol

Here we go!

Chad James
Victor Richardson
Chad Foster
Damon Jackson
Edward McCree
Terrance Johnson
John Johnson
Wendy Freeman
Monterry Lee
Charles Thompson
Furman McWilliams
Paul Reed
Daryn Crenshaw
Edward Buckingham
Brodine ....
Avery Blakeny
Emmanuel Reid
Andre McGhee
Eugene Williams
Stephen Barr
Sean Teal
Solomon Kinlock
Keith Evans
Mike Brown
Craig Cobb
Al Miller
Lawrence (Doughboy) Vaughn
Ervin Yarbrough
Marcus Lee
Derrick Jones
Tupalo Anthony Collier
Wilbert Edward
Israel Bob
Dana Darby
JU Minion
Thaddeus Laidler
Paris Johnson
Thurston Jr. ...oops, I mean Breonus Mitchell
Victor Blair
Ronald Kendrick
Norris Mills
Ronald Middleton
Derrick Moore
Antonio Beckford
Lamont Monford
Lawrence Reed
Garvin Ellis
Steve Smith
Dwight Young
Marvin Neal
Greg (Lima, OH)
Derrick Wakefield
David (Cuzzo) Kelly
Andre Harrison
Tobias Hodges
Wesley Jones
Jethro Smith

If I forgot some guys or gals, please charge it to my head and not my heart... this was just a means of getting us started finding our friends who went to school with us.

If you are from another generation of the hill, please add your list...

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OK, so Avery Checked in today... Emmanuel, Damon Jackson, and Mike Brown are on the way. I talked with them today. I left a voicemail for Bishop Sean Teal in Chat TN.... so I expect he'll be on soon. I'll send an email to Terrance Johnson or hit him up on myspace...lol
That's Alpheus (THE GREAT ONE) Bevins
Walter Humphrey
Keith Ireland
Steve Perkins
Terrance Thetford
Elmore Torbert
Uhh and Jones, was there not females on the hill too?
lol.... where there?

Oh yeah, there were some sigmas there... you're right....lol
thank you-that was my though too.......
im glad to see that things havent changed- the "sisters" are still excluded
Yes there were females on the yard But some how they forget us. This does not seem to be a surprisem.lol


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