Does apologetics refers to defending the Christian faith? Or is it apologizing for the truth? There is such a misunderstanding when it come to the true nature and character of apologetics. Quite unfortunately apologetics is unwelcome by the church today especially within the context of the African American church and its own community. There is such a disdain for sound theological doctrine in place of a user friendly approach to biblical truth (2 Tim. 4:3-4). There is a need for apologetics today especially when there are so many people who have many "unanswered" questions that have not been provided by the church today. The reason for the proliferation of cults and heresy is the ignorance of God's people when it comes to biblical theology: that of training believers as to the foundation of the Christian faith, and preparing for post-cult evangelism (Matt. 28:19-20).

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A good introduction my friend, Without doctrine we cannot be saved, stay saved, save ourselves or save others. Few understand or have doctrine. some think its legalism, others think its denominationalism, and those that have doctrine often confuse it with creeds of bygone eras. Please continue to share with us your insight. Blessings brother Darryl


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