Dear Pastor and members,

i am a born again child married with a child recently different situation has come into my life that my husband hates me and wants a divorce and that he physically abuses me doesnt allow me to pray and go to church. Pastors have prayed and said there is a evil presence at home and we can feel it. Ancestrol spirit has got into my husband and child and they are being tormented with us. He has got involved into other woman and listens to them and believes them doesnt even bother to give a word of hearing to me.  So much of hatered and lies against me physical abuse, insults and he spits on me. Its getting un-tolerable difficult to live. Please need your urgent prayer.

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Pray the 35 Psalm against every spirit....spirit of Abuse, torment, ancestral spirit,. Not only in him but any you may see in you or around you. And prayover your house. Pleading the blood of Jesus. When he comes at you please the blood of Jesus


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