Emotional Integrity in a Spiritual Warrior

First, let's begin by defining what integrity means. Integrity is the quality or state of

being complete, undivided: spiritual, or aesthetic wholeness: organic unity:completeness.

It means having a clarity or what you are about. Not just a title, but a well-rounded

idea that is set and a well madeup mind not to fluctuate from your assignment in the

Body of Christ. It means having yourself together, in such a way that you in turn can

be a help to others. You can not help another to achieve understanding if you are unsure

yourself of what that understanding is.

When you act from emotional integrity, there is not a need to justify or defend. The

action comes from love, that is how we know it is true. It also comes with humility

because we are acting on behalf of love and not for ourselves or a sense of our

righteousness. The break in integrity is the division of the mind itself. This is the

time for the spiritual warrior to rise up. A spiritual warrior must have courage to face

and or accept the death of their beliefs. All thoughts and plans or action are totally

based on what God wants actions to be to reach His desired goal or outcome of a

situation. No longer can it be self will but "God's Will" must be done above any sense

of connection to family, friend, co-worker, etc. The spiritual warrior must take on an

attitude of truth which stands on its own. It does not need us to survive, but our very

comfort should be derived from seeking only truth.

The spiritual warrior surrenders to death, what is not truth. After letting go of old belief,

then there is room for transformed mind and emotional state. We must never operate

out of feelings or emotional state. As a phoenix rises out of the ashes, the new being

that we have become is formed. The physical body does not die. The spiritual warrior

does this with body in-tact. For we know, that there is need of the body in order for our

new mind to have place to function, dream, create, etc. When we have emotional

integrity we create a new relationship with our heart, emotions, and physical body. We

know that whatever the mind grasp that is what the body does(it follows suit). The

time that shows the true measure of emotional integrity is not when everything is going

right in your life, but when you have challenges or conflict. When you are pushed, then

you what you are truly made of comes forth.

There are two main indicators of how your emotional integrity is functioning:

1-The first indicator is how quiet the mind is during periods of chaos. The thoughts

are not scattered. They do not regress to past similar experiences. You deal with each

new challenge in a totally separate basis. Although you may need to implement some

of the same techniques, it is still a new situation, with different elements involved.

You don't panic because you have renewed faith that as you line up with God and His

desires, that you can't go wrong. Do not second guess yourself when being led by the


2-The second is the amount of love present. Even in times of trial love overcomes a

multitude of emotions and feelings. Love for one's self and for others. You must love

yourself in order to be in position to give love away to others. Even when the case

calls for disagreement, disappointment, etc. you still can diagree without having bouts

of anger and agression. This emotional integrity is achieved through time spent with

God. Knowing how He designs the spiritual warrior to "hate" sin, but to "love" the

sinner. Not to place judgement on someone, for we are in no position to do so. But

even when we warn, or confront to do all things in love. They must understand from

their encounter with you that, you want the best for them because God does.

Through using Emotional Integrity, you define yourself. you show that you believe in

and respect yourself and others. You acknowledge that you do not have control, but

that you are led by the Holy Spirit to action in Godly ways. This inables you to tell

others the truth and more importantly, you tell yourself the truth about your willingness

to participate in God's program, being selfless. If you respond to stress and conflict

with an ingrained pattern that includes elements such as, avoidance, anger, denial,

etc. then, you get in the way of the effective program that God has set up. This places

you further and further from the goal. Move self out of the way. Let God take control.

God's plan is so detailed and precise that we must follow it to the letter. Pray for God

to increase Emotional Integrity in His spiritual warriors so that the ultimate goals may

be achieved (making disciples). As my mother say, you attract more bees with honey-

than you do with vinegar. Let's govern ourselves accordingly. God Bless !

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