I have several articles published on the Georgia State University research web site  Academia.edu , two of which relate to the history of these two post slavery unfree economic models, the role the  School-To-Prison Pipeline and The Prison Industrial Complex play in undermining our communities, and how both are protected by The 13th. Amendment Section 1 that declares that slavery is only outlawed outside the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice and that those "convicted" in a court of law are exempt from the protection of legal enslavement.  The title of the articles are From Nixon's "War On Drugs" To The Prison Industrial Complex: Crime Is Big Business and the Prison Industrial Complex in the Evolution of Slavery. The beginning of private prisons had its beginnings in the South in what is known as the "convict leasing system". The system which sprang up almost immediately following Emancipation and lasted right up to WWII was based on intricate vagrancy laws that targeted newly freed enslaved men who were out and about looking for work. The research is solid and written in such a way as to educate anyone with an interest in the African American Community, our struggling youth, and viable collaborative efforts taking place in African American communities all across the United States and the world very quickly. 

I am interested in collaborating with other nonprofits, community advocates, grassroots leaders and anyone who is optimistic enough to believe we can fix this with the help Jesus the Amen (Revelation 3:14). 

Are you ready to work? Let's hear what you propose....

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