A new radio pilot is seeking show developers, and journalist as interns...The show is called Our Generation's Voice, it is presenting the issues that face our community from a Christian world view, if you are interested in becoming a part of the research team, journalist and editing team, please contact me with a brief bio, at johnhairston@yahoo.com or             206-240-7133       

Our Generation's Voice is being modeled as a comprehensive talk program that addresses community issues from a Christian World View.
Many times when I researched and reviewed "church" websites and "newsletters", they mere addressed theological and doctrinal issues, and rarely dealt with community issues that TRULY affect the very demographic that the Church was commissioned to confront.
This trend is related to the almost non existent community outreach from churches and ministries, they spend most of their ministry life PREACHING to their members than going out into the communities that surround them.
In addition to this negligence, there is an alarming and very REAL stagnation in youth oriented programs, that have our youth leaving the church in droves between the ages of 18-22.
When researched, the majority of the issues that these youth have with their various churches is the inability of their leadership to relate to their issues and speak to their needs.
They believe that the churches have lost their ability to EDUCATE and REACH the community, and have fallen into the MEGA-CHURCH MENTALITY.
Our Generation's Voice is the voice of those youth, as well as a vehicle of community education and upliftment. We want to address TRUE GENUINE community issues and create solutions and alternatives that are tangible and realistic.
We want to address the issues facing our youth as well, and give them a voice in a drowning church world, that is fastly collapsing in upon itself.
Our Generation's Voice will not be another preaching program, we will be biblically based, but we will present a world view, as theology and doctrine can be attained from their respective congregations, we come to sound the alarm in our COMMUNITIES.

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Dear John Hariston, 


Grace and peace from God our father, and his son the Lord Jesus Christ.  I was sent your request by my co-laborer Apostle Adrienne Williams, and I think I understand your request.  are you targeting African American or Hispanic youth? The reason why I am asking is because culturally most of what you mentioned is found amongst those two cultural groups. My covering ministry is 80% caucasian and trust me the focus is totally different, especially for those in the center of the country.  


I work with our annual conference and last year I challenged the youth who attend our meeting to pack pack out the meeting and they tripled the attendance and the Lord blessed spiritually in a large way.  I am the conference coordinator so I deal with a large caucasian population that includes youth from suburban and rural context.  On the other hand I minister in an urban context for we are based in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and we minister mostly with African Americans and some hispanic, with a handful of white folks.  So having that perspective and working directly with all of these groups, it sounds to me like you are talking about our folks, black folks.  


The world is made up of more than our people, for in this country we represent only 45 million total which is less than 15% of the total population.  My wife is hispanic so I am definitely connected to that population and we have been married from our youth 30 years.  So as you are looking for a strategy based it upon what is actually out three, not what your limited scope and travels.  On a personal note I am in the planning stages of working with a national groups working on a documentary for HBO and PBS centered around the issue of mass incarceration and prison recidivism.  


There are 7.6 million in county, state, and federal prisons, and most of these people are someone’s parents.  60% of all prisoner children repeat the behavior of the parents.  One of our team members is the Rev Dr. W. Wilson Goode, first black Mayor of the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the founder of a program call Amachi.  The program began as one program in Philadelphia, but has become a national model and has blossomed to 252 programs nation wide and counting.  


We are working on bringing awareness, education, advocacy, policy change, and systemic change to the entire prison system.  So maybe this would be a great community story which can be highlighted.  My spiritual daughter in Christ, sister Maurine McFarlane is the head of our group along with sister Carol Blacken.  Maurine wrote a book called “Releasing The Prophetic Destiny of Philadelphia” and it begins there because Philadelphia is the womb of the country.  As Philadelphia goes so the rest of the country goes for it is the very beginning of this country.


Pennsylvania incarcerates more people than any place in the country, and the USA incarcerates more people than any place in the civilized world.  I just got back in June from Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, and London England, and I spoke with prison ministers in Kenya, and what a contrast.  So if you are intersted in what is affecting our youth, their parents are in jail.  50% of the prison population is African Americans, and 72% of our homes are female head of household.  Man of God Fatherlessness is what is effecting our youth BIG time, no compass in their lives, not just the small isuess of the church.


I speak as one who has given 38 years to the work of the church, locally, nationally and internationally, and it great mission.  33 years of this I have given in Ministry, 22 years as a Pastor/Prophet/Apostle, and over the last 10 years as a full time Apostle.  So I have a perspective, and fatherlessness and prisons, and unjust laws driven by the emotional issue of violence, crime, and its victims, along with economic disparity is the issue.  Unemployment amongst our people is not 9.6% as it is nationally, it is 16.2% amongst a population that represents less than 15% of the 309 million people in our country.

Dr. John Henik (Put his name in the YouTube search) asked the question, “what are our people going to do to survive on this planet, especially the next generation?). Marching is good for conscience awareness, but what is the plan for our people.  Dr. Claude Anderson put it right it is about “Powernomics”  That is the title of his book which is the national plan for black America.  There is a very intentional plan to make our people a permanent underclass, and that also means our children.  we wait to late in life to begin mentoring our children in business and finances.  I was mentored by Jews, and I have watched them and how they do.  All of the successful cultures take their playbook and make it their own.  We have brought into man of God independence and that is why we cannot be fruitful ad multiply anything.  


Anything times itself is itself.  We have historically been brainwashed to not trust each other.  And we have become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Man of God look at the 7 mountains of culture by Dr. Bill Bright of Campus Crusades, and Dr. Lauren Cunningham of youth with a mission given 36 years ago.  We are at the fulfillment of that prophecy.  One of the areas that have been highlighted lately is the bullying of homosexual youth. They are changing laws which will affect our churches, and our young Christian people going forward.  What do our youth do with a homosexual youth trying to hit on them in school?  In our public schools it is two daddies and two mommies now, and if you address it then you are a homophobe…  


Man of God this is what is happening, and I hope you are ready for what you ask for.  Not to mention what is happening with pedephiles in people’s families.  The victim loses on both ends, their personal dignity, and their family. My wife went through being sexually abused from 6 years old until she was 13 and it was from a family member. So rolls your sleeves up, and get your rubber boots and shovel out, for our youth are dealing with these issues just to name a few, and the church sits there looking at the elephant in the church and acts like it is not there.  In my church I had a former PAstor who was living in the shadows and cheating on his wife for 10 years, and refused to repent and he blameshifted on to the church.  


We had to clean up that poop in the middle of the church, and his teenage children were thrown in the mist of all of this because the man’s wife was also one of our pastors.  She requested help when she addressed the children for she did not want them finding out from one of the church members once we dealt with it, nor did we.  In my family my own father did this and it affected me a a young man coming up, for I lost my father at 11 years old, for he was suppose to be my compass…  This story has played out in and amongst our youth more times than I care to mention.  50% of inner city schools drop out of school.  If you cannot get a liveble wage, then they are building jails based upon historic statistics.  States are actually using prison statics and crime statistics to pan new jails because state bugets are stretched to the limit...


I know I gave you a ear full but I am on the front line of a lot of this and I have a lot to say, because there is a demonic plan to oppress our people

I really saw it when I went to Africa this past May - June…  It is even worse than that there in a country that is 95% black…  so let’s talk if interested in what I have to say for it is a lot, and I got a perspective from several cultures and we arrive at things quite differently, trust me.  Happy holidays, and God bless.


I am In His Grip,


Apostle Ricci J. Hausley Sr.          


Then we have the scandal of 4 black young men with Bishop Eddie Long.  You know and I know for a young black man to get on national television and speak about sexual escapades with e prominent preacher just does not happen amongst young black men.  I feel like I am in the barbershop having a discussion.                 

I think my email explains everything Apostle...


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