Watch The “Hype”…...

As humans, we tend to be very emotional people. Often times, we can become emotional and passionate about some things and lose our focus. Much like what is going on in local churches today. Yes many people are passionate about God’s Word. And they have such innocent motives in the beginning. But once they start to FEEL the power of the Holy Spirit, their focus starts to shift…they forget it’s not the Pastor with the power…It’s the Holy Spirit. Their language starts to change…It’s no longer Christ moving in their lives, it’s the Pastor. The Pastor has been put on the pedestal and Jesus has been left behind.

Let’s all not fall for the “Hype”. Keep Jesus our main focus at all times. Giving Jesus the praise and worship at all times. It’s not the Pastors, the cars, the houses, the ministry, the businesses…It’s “JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!!!”. When we lose focus, God is faithful to get us back on track. And sometimes it may not feel good, considering He is a jealous God. Let’s, voluntarily, keep Jesus the main focus of our lives.




“After six days, Jesus took with him Peter, James and John the brother of James, and led them up a high mountain by themselves. There He was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and His clothes became as white as the light. Just then there appeared before them Moses and Elijah, talking with Jesus. Peter said to Jesus, “Lord, it is good for us to be here. If You wish, I will put up three shelters – one for You, one for Moses and one for Elijah. While he was still speaking, a bright cloud enveloped them, and a voice from the cloud said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with Him I am well pleased. Listen to Him!” ~ Matthew 17:1-5

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