I Got the Love Of Jesus!!

“O' taste and see that the Lord is better than Good”

Today, I understand that my unemployment hearing concerning”wrongful termination” was decide against me. I have been advised that my
unemployment has ceased and I must repay all money. I am not
entitles to any money and I was discharged accordingly.

I should have known my behavior jeopardized my employment, says the hearing officer.

Truly my heart is heavy, but I am Blessed of the Lord, and Highly favoured. He sees me and He knows.

God has another plan for my life.

Today, I closed a deal sealed in prayer, that I would serve the communities worldwide and I will share an office here in the city of Lima
offering education about debt and credit and other services.

Regina Littles, The Hardest Working Women in Credit, has trained and certified me to educate others. I will be setting up a group on our
network and sharing information about these services.

My Father is truly better than Good. Victory is mines and the Battle is won.

Please keep me in your prayers as I journey on in Jesus!!!! Amen!!!

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