Father, We thank you this morning for every blessing seen and unseen! Thank You for protecting us and our families as we were busy throughout the day. Father we pray, You will encamp your angels around us today and keep us safe in Your arms. We bless You for Your faithfulness to us! Lord, We know people have suffered pain, heartache, loss, sickness and death yesterday and today. We intercede for them Lord, We ask You God of all comfort to comfort and heal today. Heal wounds God, Mend broken hearts, Restore hope. Replace hatred with Your love. Remove bitterness and resentment. We pray for forgiveness will break forth in the hearts of those who need to forgive others today. God, release those who are in self made prisons of unforgiveness! Set captives free today God! Father, we pray for renewed minds today so we may be transformed in our lives! We pray for the mind of Christ to be in us Lord. Remove all spiritual poison we've ingested through bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness! Purge us God! Release us from toxins that are making us sick in our minds, bodies and spirits! We pray for wholeness in every area of our life. Lord, we release wholeness in our relationships. Heal relationships between father and children, mothers and children, husbands and wives, siblings, broken friendships, coworkers, church relationships. Bring forth healing, restoration and closure to those that need it God! Father, for we desire to be whole. We desire to be complete and no longer fragmented by hurt and harm. We long to prosper and be in health, good health Lord, even as our soul prosper. We let go this morning Lord. Things we've held in for so long, people we have held hostage in our minds, and ourselves we've imprisoned in bitterness...we release it, them and ourselves to You today God. We receive Your healing, In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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