The term refers to slanderous speech, gossip, tale bearing, making untrue statements, including statements before all "facts" are checked out.
It also refers to and includes telling a person about another regardless if it is true or false, or even listening to statements. Especially if it is of no concern to our selves.
It also applies to derogatory statements or words that can lessen a persons status including words that can break down and not build up. WE SHOULD NEVER USE WORDS LIKE RETARD OR B--- or any others that offend.
Admittedly it is a hard standard to keep as we all have an "off" day, and violate ethical speech even towards inanimate objects, what kind of light did we show that person we never notice standing out of our sight??
Always keep in mind a golden rule: Do towards others as you wish them do to you" or even WWYD ? 
There are times granted we need speak negatives , although rare, as in being a witness to a crime where one must of course render what you saw, not only to an attending officer, but in court as well. But stick to what you know , never express an "opinion" 
For those that are fighting , and just love getting or giving latest "updates" try telling people, " I really do enjoy listening to intimate details about peoples flaws; but what can I do about it?? My father has forbidden me !"
You will find using this method, that those that carry to you and the amount you carry will reduce.
It is said man can not tame his tongue , this is true, but Yahwey can chain it and train it !

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