See you are trusting in false words which do not profit ! Stealing, murdering, and committing adultery ! Swearing falsley and burning incense to Baal ,walking after other mighty ones you have not known ! And you came and stood before Me in this house which is called by My Name and said "We have been delivered - in order to commit all these abominations " ! Has this house which is called by My Name become a den of thieves in your eyes? Look I even Myself have seen it declares YHWH ! (Jeremiah 7:8- 11 ISR )

There is a collection of sermons located in Jeremiah chapters 7,8 which Y'shua qotes from (see the line re temple of thieves) that are called the 'Temple Sermons" Later Jeremiah would describe probable historical events surrounding these prophecies . King Josiah (Yoshiah ) did a lot to reform, but every one of his reformations were buried along with him on his death. Idolatry quickly reserved and both Jeremiah chapter 7 and 26 warned of the temples fate! In either 609 or 608 BCE Adonai instructs Jeremiah to deliver a warning to the worshipers at the temple, though they attended temple activities the religion was hollow! 
Over and over they were warned and encouraged to change and reform! Trusting that the temple would keep them safe by false prophets ! Chanting phrases like " The temple of Adonai" they thought would be enough to ward off destruction! 
In 701 BCE had delivered them from invaders, the temple had be refurbished by King Joshiah , the "temple theology " of the time orchestrated by false prophets concluded the temple would not be destroyed! Impossible as YHWH's grace and Holiness would not allow such a thing !
We see these familiar events once again being taught in many churches and congregations, both Christian and Messianic! Grace replaces law! Define retribution! These things could never happen so long as you stay in the safety of this sanctuary ! YHWH loves you , they say why would bad things come upon us! Do not listen to that beggar man at the door what does he know?? We are the learned ones and know what is best ! Live as you wish ! Eat what you will and as much as you can ! Be at peace head not his words !! 
As sure as Elohim lives forever flee their covens !! For His anger is kindled and by His personal hand He will destroy these unrighteous men ! 
Come out of Egypt live in the freedom of the Ruach! Cleanse your hearts! Be Kadosh unto our Mighty one ! 

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