Why is that so many of us are timid about sharing what happened to us in our past? Many of us have experienced some sort of abuse that has carried over into our adulthood. For some it may have been sexual abuse, for another it may have been constant verbal abuse, and the list goes on. A lot of us are mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually broken. We have repeated the same negative life cycles. You know, our past can most definitely have an impact on our future. Our tumultuous past have caused many of us to continue making bad decisions. Ladies, we can't continue to hold all of this mess on the inside. It is toxic, and it causes us to be non-effective as mothers, wives, friends, etc. When we keep all of our hurt and pain on the inside, we allow it to take root and, as a result, the enemy takes advantage of us. But there is a remedy--God is the remedy! He wants to release us from the shackles of brokenness. You no longer have to be afraid of sharing. Your testimony can help someone else. Let go of all the inner turmoil, hurt, and pain, and let GOD fill you with Joy, Love, Forgiveness, that you can walk in your destiny.

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I totally agree with you on this. Ever since I found out that I could release the hurt of my past I have done it. But you have to be so very careful of what you tell and who you tell. With me I'm very caution in what I disclose of my past to people especially if I'm ministering to a group. If I'm talking one on one with someone and God leads me to talk about my past then I do but always being sure that it's God. But there are wolves in sheep clothing just wanting to grab something from your mouth to use to try to destroy you with. I'm a firm believer in Romans 8:1 so, even if the enemy tries to use my past against me I have the victory because God has transformed me into what he wants me to be. If you can't find someone that you can trust to talk to Jesus' ear is always inclined to our voices. Let him lead you to the person that will not only be an ear but be someone that will prayer you through as well. Be Blessed Evangelist Dingle


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