This $10.00 also includes their Bank of America Visa Debit Cards!!!    


Listen to the recorded call at 209-647-1999 code 894396# (enter # again when prompted)


Hello Everyone,

I have attached for you the presentation and benefits.  Most of the
benefits attached are not even accessible yet, but they are coming! (It
will be overwhelming but do not let that scare you!)

My Ministry is to make sure people become Financially Free so I am going to
work this nonstop!

Look as yourself being apart of a huge 7x3 board, panel, matrix and people
will be filling in for you left to right! 

If I told you that you had to get 7 people in order to get a Million
Dollars this year you would find 8 to be sure, this is what you have before
you. (7 is not a massive a number as you think, like I said we will have
calls and webinars showing you tricks and ways on how to achieve this in a
short period of time.  Just be glad you are in NOW!)

Multiply $2,800 times 365 and see what you come up with! Our goal is 1st to
cycle 1 time at $406 dollars daily and then we double it everyday capping
out at $2,800 per day!

Bless 7 launched on Saturday, April 2nd and there are more than 10 people
earning $2,800 per day right now and we all can also!

*You came in in the nick of time!  A 3,000 member church was just signed up
in the Dallas area on yesterday afternoon and guess who they are going to
fall up under!*

You are paid on a Bank of America Prepaid Visa Debit Card (which they FedEx
to you), and we will have access to our placement in the huge 7x3 sometime
this week!

Just make sure you have people in mind so you and them both can be Blessed!
If you need help in signing someone up let me know!

If you know of any Churches, Pastors, Non-Profits, or Small Businesses they
will have access to the Toolbar to earn them Monthly Funds right away!

 M. Basner


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