However, with so much talk about kingdom today, one wonders if there is really clarity on where the church and the kingdom define and distinguish from one another. The original concept of "church" was to be a defined people that God was calling out from the corruption of the world. I don't believe it was ever announced to be an institution, but a body of baptized believers embracing a call to salvation. The church became a sort of cell group formula that practiced a communist form of government to radially change the known world and announce a new world order through the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Somehow over time church moved from representing people to being characterized as just places of worship. So we in the West go to church rather than becoming the church.


The kingdom on the other hand has evolved from being a physical utopia to a supernatural third dimension that is somehow replacing the church as the focus of God for supernatural conquest. So today, kingdom has become this modern buzz word for a "now" voice that secretly is taking over the authority of the church and replacing church order with kingdom principles. It has invaded the church like a plague infecting our thinking and changing our perspective in the marketplace, society, and even in worship.


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The church and Kingdom Issues

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