Jesus message was the Kingdom of God. It is important to note that although the message of the kingdom is to be preached, it is still a hidden message. Jesus himself frequently spoke of the kingdom in parables-explicitly stating that he did so because the "mysteries of the kingdom of heaven" have been given to his disciples, but not to outsiders. It is in some sense a secret kingdom, present in a very real sense, only to those with knowledge of it. Many understand its truths, because their eyes have been opened to understand them. But many others will hear the same words and walk away shaking their heads, wondering why some seem so interested and willing to take these words seriously. What do you think of the Kingdom of God being a secret?

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Jesus told the Sanhedrin, in His defense, that He spoke openly, and that they could ask those who heard Him. The Kingdom of God isn't a secret at all. It is a Mystery to those who don't operate in it. Be Ye transformed by the what? Renewing of your perspective(MIND), how we look at things, what we intake; the mind is the KEY to obtaining the Kingdom, and seeing the Kingdom.
The Church is the blossoming seed of the Kingdom. We have to get back to the Church. In this hour there are many that throwing away the Church seeking the kingdom. You can't get to the Kingdom, except through the Church. This isn't a secret, it's ALL AROUND US!


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