What is the greatest hindrance to Ministry?

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One of the greatest hindrance to ministry : is lack of prayer and humilty. "If my people who are called by my name...WOULD
(meaning there is choice here to embrace positive or negative) humble themselves (come down from this highly exalted imagination of themselves) and pray...(now youre in the posture of sincere prayer after humilty is displayed...which makes your prayers EFFECTIVE enough to travel to its target.)
True, great word
I believe strongly that the greatest hindrance to ministry is Lack of followership to the leadership of the Holy Spirit in our ministerial programs based on trying to impress the public (Self ambition), which also boils down to pride. Without the Holy Spirit, we will struggle, trying to get things done but will never make any head-way. Success in ministry is largely dependent on the instruction of the Holy Spirit- understanding the move of divinity in every thing and following suit. Let us seek His mind concerning every of our moves also like King David did in his little time on earth, and God called him 'A man after His (God's) heart.
Amen...the greatest companion for ministry is the Holy Ghost...
One ofthe greates hinderencesto ministry is not undersstanding the purposeof the gospelof Jesus.it is not to build mega chruches and maeke pastors millionaires. The [ur[pose is to spread the gosple toa lostand dying world and lead tehunsaved to Christ. Thsi is theone adn ontyl way to grow a ministry. Whne we focus on preachers liek rock stars runnign all over the country to see certain people adn we do nto share Jesu swith those we see every day in our realm of the world we are hindered. When people are told the mesure of theri relationship witjh teh Lord is theri material wealth this is a hinderance.


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