A new radio pilot is seeking show developers, and journalist as interns...The show is called Our Generation's Voice, it is presenting the issues that face our community from a Christian world view, if you are interested in becoming a part of the research team, journalist and editing team, please contact me with a brief bio, at johnhairston@yahoo.com or             206-240-7133       

Our Generation's Voice is being modeled as a comprehensive talk program that addresses community issues from a Christian World View.
Many times when I researched and reviewed "church" websites and "newsletters", they mere addressed theological and doctrinal issues, and rarely dealt with community issues that TRULY affect the very demographic that the Church was commissioned to confront.
This trend is related to the almost non existent community outreach from churches and ministries, they spend most of their ministry life PREACHING to their members than going out into the communities that surround them.
In addition to this negligence, there is an alarming and very REAL stagnation in youth oriented programs, that have our youth leaving the church in droves between the ages of 18-22.
When researched, the majority of the issues that these youth have with their various churches is the inability of their leadership to relate to their issues and speak to their needs.
They believe that the churches have lost their ability to EDUCATE and REACH the community, and have fallen into the MEGA-CHURCH MENTALITY.
Our Generation's Voice is the voice of those youth, as well as a vehicle of community education and upliftment. We want to address TRUE GENUINE community issues and create solutions and alternatives that are tangible and realistic.
We want to address the issues facing our youth as well, and give them a voice in a drowning church world, that is fastly collapsing in upon itself.
Our Generation's Voice will not be another preaching program, we will be biblically based, but we will present a world view, as theology and doctrine can be attained from their respective congregations, we come to sound the alarm in our COMMUNITIES.

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