A lot of people think that "Holiness" was only about the clothes you wear, and jumping and dancing, but holiness was about looking at life from a "self improvement" view. Holiness was about constantly improving one's self by drawing nearer to Yahweh, and shunning things of this world. That is why in the "holiness" movement, being filled with the Holy Ghost was essential. Being filled was the easiest way to accomplish the ultimate goal of self improvement. Allowing the spirit to rest, rule and abide made striving for a holy life so much easier. The spirit would convict the soul, which would be the guide for living Holy. That is why outward appearance mattered in this movement as well, it was because it was a sign that the Holy Ghost was within you enough to convict your soul enough that you would want to present your physical body as acceptable and holy unto Yahweh as well as your soul.

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My goodness that was well said. And you are so right, a lot of people are faking the experience which is why when they come up for air, they do not have a changed life. They are still living an ungodly life. True spiritual deliverance and true endowment changes ones life. Doesn't mean one will never sin again, but the change is so drastic and phenominal that one begins to hate sin to the point of disgust, and that alone draws a person closer to Yahweh and to the reality of living holy.
Truth is Holiness!!!!!!!!!
To say that denomination of greatness was birthed from Holiness is an error of perception.Ture Holiness is just that.Denomination as I see it ,is bondage because it causes division in the body of Christ and never once have I found in God's Word that we were to be Called anything but Holy.SoI have to question when we as God's people choose to call ourselves anything other Holy and live as such because God has called forus to be jsut that..Holiness is a way of life set apart from all that is not pleasing to the Father.All of man's teaching has caused us to call God by names such as yahweh which is given to God by men without His Authoruty and when we look at the church today we have a tendency to say that the children are at fault or the people are at fault that are not doing the right thing.Well the Word says it high time to awake from sleep and see God in His True form and not as we want Him to be,When you see anything goes in the church,it's only because the preacher is not preaching the Word as God would have it preached to convict the people,but rather their preaching it to please the people,because they are concerned about being voted for in the church elections,or being liked by the Bishop or Elders or who or whatever.So until we walk as a HOLY PEOPLE we will always fall short.Remember this, it goes from the Pulpit to the Pew not the other way around,and if the tradition of men are continued to be accepted as Turh then we will never be pleasing to the Father.The preachers need to preach sermons that convict and convert instead of buying sermons online to make the people feel good about their sin life styles and say their saved.Jude got it from God and gave it to us,(evil men have crepted in unaware)I
Although truth is certainly holiness, the word "Holiness" was attributed to a movement and a denomination which is what this group is saying. This doesn't mean others not associated with this movement or denomination should not obey the call of holiness as well. It is just observing the fact that a change was broughy forth in the United States of America through a movement called "Holiness". This movement has changed but has not died. We all have a commandment to be holy regardless of denomination. At the same time, I believe Yahweh honors denominations. If you recall reading in Ephesians, he call the church the "body of Christ." Let me remind you that the body is not made up of one big arm, but the body has many joints, ligaments and body parts to make it complete. The Holiness Church, Baptist Church, so on and so forth, are apart of the Body. Each denominations has it's part and serves it's purpose. It doesn't divide us but rather it makes us able to reach different people from different backgrounds. It gives people a chance to be in the "Body of Christ" and find a denomination or church that suits them. Worship, sermons and teaching styles are different from church to church. But all of it should lead to the same cross. Remember John wrote to the 7 churches. Remember there were 12 tribes of Israel, and even diffrent sects within them, but they were all named the Children of Yahweh. So denominations are not bad, judgment against one another is what hurts us, not the denominations themselves.

As Sons of God continue to arise in the earth today as 'the true' continues to separate from 'the
false.' Those who yearn for truth find it increasingly difficult to be in the presence of anything false,
as the level of tolerance for such decreases daily. Equally so, those steeped in religion and its
deception, or the spirit of anti-Christ, find themselves at odds with those who proclaim to live by
the leading of the Spirit (every word that proceeds from the mouth of God). Think it not a strange
thing that this is happening, but recognize the times in which we are now living. Recognize where
you fit (who you are spiritually joined to, and where you are physically called) during this critical
hour, 2010 is a year of positioning for what will happen beyond this calendar year, This is not a
time for hesitation if indeed you have heard God, To be out of position at the end of this year will
be costly.

God is in the process of establishing "a Church without spot or wrinkle." Many will be shocked
to find that this temple is not the physical, social, or denominational edifice now claiming to be the
Church, The true Church is made up of living stones, whose leading is the Spirit of God, whose
sole purpose is His Glory. The true Church will usher in the next great move of God; and this
move will be accurately called "The Kingdom of God." "The whole creation is groaning for the
manifestation of the Sons of God, as God's Kingdom is forcefully advancing, and violent men
(yielded vessels) are taking it by force."

The Kingdom of God is emerging in the earth, not as a descending Kingdom but as an ascending
one, as the Sons of God birth the Kingdom on earth by simply 'hearing and obeying.' Even now,
the Kingdom confronts the World's System with devastating effects. Every thing that can be
shaken is being shakened, as the fire of God separates the works of men from the works of God.

God is calling True Sons, those who have learned that of themselves they can do nothing; those
who have learned to only move by a proceeding Word from the Father; those who have
experienced the Kingdom through much trials and tribulation; those who have abandoned the
arena of logic and reason, consequently finding purpose and destiny in hearing and Obeying

True Sons have come to realize that no man can have faith for what he has not heard the Father
say (to him specifically). True Sons know that faith can only come from having heard God
personally, who know that the logos confirms what God's Spirit speaks. True Sons are moving in
discernment, trusting the God (in them) and not themselves. True Sons are leaders who are not
deterred by men or circumstances, having advanced to a point in which their very lives have
become less important than Glorifying the God they serve. True Sons have made the great
exchange -their life for His.

True Sons do not fall for the tricks of the anti-Christ spirit so prevalent in the earth today; a spiritso deceptive that the very elect would be deceived were it possible. True Sons can see a false
prophet (and his bondage), while others buy into his lies, manipulation, and self-serving purposes.
True Sons recognize that those who have overcome have done so by the blood of the lamb and
the words of their testimony. True Sons recognize that one's testimony (his life) and his words
MUST ALIGN to effectively minister truth; that no man can take you where he has never been.
True recognize that Truth is not revelation until it is walked out in their own lives. True Sons do not
seek a name or to be recognized by attachment of some title or accolades, but find their peace in
the God in them and whatever lot in life He ascribe for them.

True Sons never strive, but know the meaning of entering into His rest. True Sons are not lazy butlive a disciplined life spiritually, and mentally. True Sons recognize that HOLINESS is internal not
external. True Sons exhibit the character of God and arrive at a maturity level of Sonship based
upon years of yeldedness. Ture Sons will not compromise God’s Truth.

As Sons are increased in the earth, the Kingdom of God will become evident as those in
obscurity are brought forth. Birthing Sons is the mantra of present day Kingdom walkers. The
Army of God is walking in His planned strategy for Victory as those He ‘CALLED’ Sons
begin to connect with those with whom the Father of Creation has joined them to. Think it
not a strange thing! Yield to the urges God has placed within you without fear of rejection,
history, personality, socio-economic issues, or any such thing, 2010 is a year of


Foley A. Parker
I really enjoyed what you had to say. I guess my question and position and group for that matter, was an attempt to cause attention to the waywardness of the "holiness" movement and church in America from the very views you have expressed. What I'm trying to say is you cannot put the cart before the horse, or rather you can not take people to the level you have just described above if they want even first understand and see the need to be filled with the Holy Ghost. Being filled with the Holy Ghost was the primary doctrine of the holiness movement and church. I'm coming from an extremely basic view about the church and about the holiness movement. People will not be understand what you have written above if they can not currently conceive or digest the holiness movement and church old. One level leads to the next.
Is ANYTHING to hard for GOD?
God give the recelation to His people when His Truth is spoken.Thus said the Lord!!!! His WORD wil accomplish the very thing to which He has sent it and shall not return void.The WORD of God brings enlightment to the dark understanding of His people and we as His servants must TRUST THAT HE IS ABLE (HIS WORD) to bring them out of darkness into the Light.To be born again as the Word instructs us is to become a new creature by the renewing of our mind, thus giving way to the Holy Ghost to come in and be our guide,because without His guidance we remain lost even after we go through the Baptsim of water void in our understanding.
Is Truth and Fact one in the same?
To live by the fact and not seek the truth is to live by what man we precieve to be that great man of God and there is not an error to be found in him.To say that denomination is what God has ordained for His people is far from the Turth.In th e beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God!!!!!!!! To attribute change to a denomination or movement of man under the banner of Holiness is only based on facts and has no Truth in it.The Truth of the matter is that facts change and Truth does not.So I have to question,if denomination is honored by God, then why did Charles Mason,Who was a Baptist change?Why did Charles Fox Parham who was a Methodist change?Must I go on?And of course we all know that the Body of Christ is composed of many members but not members that are additional attachments introduced by man.
I have been a musicain for over 20 years. And I have played in different denominations. Each denomination is all most like different spiritual levels. Changing from one denomination to another is just like moving from one level to another. Sometimes Truth and Fact intersect. The fact is that Christianity in America was changed because of the holiness movement. The truth is in doing so it fulfilled Yahweh's word which he said in the last days I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh. The holiness movement emphasized that pouring out and called it the "baptism in the spirit." What more could I say. If you don't agree with holiness as a movement and a doctrine, why are you a member of the group? This group is to promote unity among those that are like minded and not those that seek to convert to their level of knowledge not matter how good it may be. Present your case and let it rest. Some plant, some water, some harvest, but Yahweh gives the increase.
Do I sense a little offense?I TRUELY believe Holiness is a movement of God,just not by denomination or standards of man.I joined the group to express Truth according to Tthe Word Of Jesus Christ and no other name under Heaven.If the Word of God has cut through bone and marrow and spirit and soul then I believe my point is well made preacher.One more question,do the catholic christians believe what you believe Holiness to be?
Yeshua the Living God!!!!!!!!
Yes you do sense offense because the group has never denied holiness beyond the holiness movement. This group was to reflect those that influenced the holiness movement and help create the holiness church. I was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost under a holiness denomination and so when you say what you have said, you are dismissing my personal spiritual experience in the faith as foolishness and that's offensive. Because it was by that foolishness that you are protraying, that helped shape and mold the person I am today. I'm proud of the holiness church and I'm proud to be a preacher added to the list of many great preachers responsible of the holiness movement in America. This group is not the sum of what holiness is but is a avenue of what holiness can be and is for many people today. You said you joined this group to express the the truth, why would I be preacher if I did not know the truth. I'm free because of the truth so when you say that statement it sounds like you are implying that no one knows the truth unless they hear it from you. We must respect each others walk and each others level. You are older than I, so of couse your views and prespectives will be different from mine. But honor and respect me at least for the level I have attained and pray for me concerning the rest.
Wisdom does not come with age ,it comes with the Anointing.Ez.44 tells us about God allowing preachers to minister to His people ,but they are not allowed to minister to God.So my point is that no you are wrong for thinking that I want Truth only to be recieved from myself,because none of us has arrived.I respect everyone for where they are in the body,but when one is offended by the Truth there must be some self examination. The Word says that he who recieves rebuke i.e, correction is wise and he that shuns it is a fool. The power of life and death are in the tongue and he that use the Words of God should Trust that it is He who will do the convicting and the converting.When I am troubled by a Word from God that shuts down my pride of how and when and who God used to get me saved, I must realize that all I should seek to be is a servant of God, and not another name added to some list of so called great preacher.Holiness is what it is not what it can be.This is why the body of belivers that know the Truth should PREACH the TRUTH and nothing else.Today there are preachers out there asking,questions like who do you think has the greater Anointing to lead the people of God.Now you tell me is there any greater Aniointing from God? God's Anointing is the Greatest in it self but,we limit it by not wholly Trusting Him and the Power of His Anointing.Now as for Honor, God said to give Honor where Honor id due ,not where it is demanded.As to respect,I respect all mankind and where ever he chooses to walk ,but that does not mean I will honor it if there is error in where he is walking.We are to exhort one another and correct one another when there is fault, but in today's church no one want to be corrected and all wants to be exalted whit false exhortation, by excepting any and everything that sounds or looks good.Remember my brother in these last and evil days they will heap to themselves teachers having itchy ears,that will tell them exactly what they want to hear rather that what they NEED to hear.

God Bless you and I will be praying for the Lord to open your understanding to the Greater Works that we are to do...


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