Brothers and Sisters,
What a better way to start the Holiday Season off than on a healthy note.Why wait until 01/01/2010 to eat healthy and burn fat. What better group of people than your church brothers and sisters to do it with. As easy as a 12 oz. cup of our BSkinny Coffee in the morning and one in the evening and eat what you normally eat. Just that simple! You will experience the benefit of 25 years of research and use of the skinny science technology of Dr. Ann de Wees Allen at work for you( So you are a tea lover instead. Try our NuvoGene Tea beverage in a 12 oz. bottle of plain water. The delicious Tropical Fruit flavor not only burns fat but attacks the fat gene as well. Go to and order your first 30- day supply. The difference will show up on your scale or in the clothes you wear.

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