ANYBODY UPSET TODAY? Hmmmm! Next time someone gets upset saying, “what the $!&#!! – think about such a response in reaction to the headline news! Imagine David's response (psalms 89: 6)...this is what we all probably heard under the breath from many AFTER THE VERDICT WAS READ "Not guilty"! Was there cussing and fussing?  Naturally, yes!  As upset as I personally was, having lost two daughters who were killed (year 1990 and 2000), some areas of anger and frustration naturally manifest itself which proves just how “strong in the Lord and in the power of His might” WE ARE. Well, just briefly consider David’s “What the !&%!...” he felt. He reversed that into praise to God. [Psalms 89: 6]. YES! The majority of people were upset after learning the verdict “not guilty”. I believe God tested all of our character at that moment. We fed upon others’ frustrations and grief; the domino effect trickled down in our vocabulary to the point we lost sight talking about the goodness of the Lord or [even] how God moved in church service.
When I was a Staff Reporter for the Crusade for Christ Gospel News and one of the Radio Panelist on KFLO back in the mid-80’s; one of our ministers [Tresvain Cain] shared his article in one of our [then] Church news magazines ‘the Midnite Caller Magazine’, presented by Crusade for Christ World Ministries: The Secret Empire. Some excerpts; “The interpreter of the news must see reasons where ordinary individuals observe only overt happenings…Doing his best, he will err constantly; scientific method is nothing but as approximately correct as possible. His mistakes, however, will be honest ones of an expert and not the blunders of an ignoramus.”[words penned by a young journalist in a college textbook for journalism students well over a century ago…through the years, they have sounded an ever deafening death knell for the autonomy of America’s conscience]. “Before 1932, the year in which Curtis D. McDougall published his textbook: REPORTING FOR BEGINNERS, most exponents of journalism decried any tendency of would-be reporters to sway the opinions or mold the conscience of the public. He went on to share, “Regardless of their own feelings, reporters were obliged to present both sides of the issues and as objectively as possible. The news [in turn] was public property. All had equal rights to accurate reporting of events which resulted from and shaped the world’s condition. Unbiased, objective news reporting was [and still is] more than just the readers expectation. It was their ethical entitlement”.
The Lord reminds me from time to time that EVERYONE has issues. Everyone shares their frustrations in different ways – so uniquely overt or covertly! For once in my life, from my personal observations and assessments, [outside the church walls!] that the majority – I speculate nationwide- are upset AFTER THE VERDICT was read. So in many minds, “what the !$&#!!” is a human frustration we have to guard our hearts that we don’t get sucked in the mannerisms of the worlds’ frustrations. This is so easier said than done. Perhaps, all this drama would not have happened if only Zimmerman has heeded the instructions of the 911 Dispatcher! As the Apostle Paul said, “I speak the truth in Christ and lie not” (Romans 9: 1; 1 Timothy 2: 7) with a burden dealing with a serious human and civil rights issues; I personally respect the majority of us are horribly upset. With the “moving forward” process to appeal and sue Zimmerman; I solicit the prayers of all pastors and leaders in church [whatever the denomination or how many degrees one has!] to put the brethren in remembrance that Jesus Christ also died for Zimmerman. This is a real hard core test for all of us. Everyone of us!!
In closing, when I lost two daughters back in the 90’s and year 2000; frustration and anger is a tough pill to swallow to just “get over it”. As one reporter shared, “justice is a process of time even to see the outcome” (CNN). Christians, believers, disciples of Christ, saints of the Most High God, church ‘charter members’, ministers, pastors, clergy members, deacons; or whatever title tickles your fancy – let us not forget that this is yet the day the Lord has made. We are obligated to rejoice [always] and be ever mindful that only God’s mercy is everlasting. God is yet rich in mercy [Acts 17: 11] for God will have mercy on whom He will. But if we’re allowing the NEWS media to cause us to argue, debate, have committee meetings, causing strife and differences among ourselves – God is watching and hearing our hearts. I heavily grieve for the Martin family and understand whole-heartedly an unfair loss of life of loved ones [two daughters, niece, both grandmothers, uncle, both my parents, friends, etc]. Pastors and leaders in Church, be advocates for your congregants or parishioner and encourage your members to be forgiving and merciful as you may speak out on behalf of the Martin family. “Feed the flock” with words of mercy and forgiveness! We have to be careful some of the “works of the flesh” don’t invade our “fruits of the Spirit”.




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