Studies show that women who have been involved in abortion have some of the following symptoms: *Problems bonding and being intimate *Unhealthy Relationships *Chronic Fatigue *Emotional Numbing *Repeat Abortions *Depressed Moods *Low self-esteem *Suicidal Thoughts *Shame *Guilt *Isolation *Anger/Rage Reactions * *Sexual Dysfunction *Nightmares/Flashbacks. .

Serenity Pastoral Counseling is sponsoring a weekend healing retreat for women who lost a child to abortion.  This a beautiful opportunity to honor the life of unborn children and to heal the emotional wounds caused by unhealthy relationships, trauma and loss.   Healing Retreats are held in a confidential, non-judgmental and loving setting.  Retreat activities are based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and facilitated by spiritual midwives. 


Upcoming retreats:    

                         12/3/10 – 12/5/10 Holy Trinity Retreat Center, Baltimore MD


$225 [includes 2 night lodging, all meals & private counseling] 

To Register-- 410.977.2571  or

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