As the case is with every city in the Black Community there is poverty and lack. Worse there is injustice.  Lets face it.  Hoping and praying just will not do.  What is needed is opportunity, services, and financial empowerment.  

Its time out for display of degrees and the church hat and what your positions are while people are in need of jobs, opportunity, justice and even clean water. 

We have a racist demonic person sitting in the office of the president which has made the lives of too many individuals and families even worse while the church stands by hoping and a praying, not what the church is called to do.  The last time I read, the word said that FAITH without WORKS is dead.

Now we offer unique and disruptive tools that offer personal services and opportunity.  Empowerment and protection for individuals, families, business, employees and more.

We need more soldiers to serve this vast population.  Even the Spanish community!  If you're in business or not, have a job or not, retired or not, if you have a brain, a passion to not only empower yourself but to empower others we need to hear from you.  Spare time, part-time, Full Time, You choose. 

Presently we serve over 4 million families nationwide and have thousands of associates who are generating six-figure incomes and above.  The larger portion of our people are Christians.!

Join us in our mission for Justice, Equality, and Opportunity 

Tapp the App!  Work from your phone

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