Have you found it easier to witness to those in uniform or not in uniform? Just wondering, because those in uniform have already signed their natural lives over to the government for its usage; so one would think that members in uniform could at least identify (not understand) signing their natural and spiritual lives over to Christ for His service. Any comments?

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I was a Navy chaplain (USNR) for 20 years and, for the military member, the point of identification with Jesus is that He loved them enough to surrender His life for them. They understand love that will sacrifice life for what one holds dear.

Military personnel and families are also very clear that their fate is in God's hands. He is their protector, strength, and shield. It's not just wartime service that brings this home. Any sailor whose gone to sea knows that anything can happen aboard ship. Training accidents happen in all branches of the service. You simply don't get through military service without thoughts of God. And when those thoughts and questions arise, that's gold for military chaplains.
Amen, Rev. Harris. We have to note those times when a window of opportunity opens up to shed some light about our Lord and Savior and His goodness. God Bless, Bro Rob
Hello I am in the Army National Guard. I am not a chaplain, but a minister of the Gospel. The people I am around see the natural more than they see the spiritual. Of course most of them are young. They also tend to look at how the world is prospering as well. But every chance I get I plant a seed knowing one day a seed will take root. Everynow and then they will realise and acknowledge God for what he is doing and has done. I continue to pray that they will see Him for who He is.


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