Here is some advice for those interested in Chaplaincy. Chaplaincy is a weird dynamic because you are not only clergy but clinical at the same time, you may have to deal with situations that are not always “religious” in nature. When dealing with Non-Believers in an institution using titles like “Evangelist” or “Prophetess” can sometimes block your initial entry into an instruction, You know who you are in Christ Jesus and declaring it when introducing yourself to people (as a Prophet) for lack of a better word “creeps them out”, Jesus said “Be WISE as a serpent and harmless as a dove”, when I introduce myself I am Mark Stevens, a Chaplain. Am I anointed YES, Do I operate in the Gift as the Spirit uses me YES, but in an institution you just DO IT…DON’T announce it. I wish you well, take this from an old head that has been in the ministry over 30 years and have had to learn the hard way. I have had to "fire" many volunteers that I am in charge of at the Trauma Hospital I work at. Often well meaning saints forget that you cannot go in a private or public institution and evangelize. The way to share your faith is by FREINDSHIP!!!! When I visit patients I smile and I ask them how they are doing, but I let THEM lead the encounter. By virtue of the fact that I AM a Chaplain, they know I am a man of faith, so after letting them vent, I ask them if they would like prayer (99% of the people I ask that say YES!) Never argue religion with a patient! Be compassionate and caring, let the Holy Spirit lead you and you will not go wrong

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