We are in the processes of starting a church. I would like any information on how to
1. Set-up my Articles of Incorporation,
2. 501(c)(3) and
3. How to reach out to the community.

Thank you all in advance for your assistance and May God bless and keep you.

Pastor - EH

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iam glad to join your group thank you evangelist pastor susie houston
This is not a hard question if we get our definations right, but if our definations are wrong, it becomes difficult.What is church or ministry? When does my ministry start? How did those who went before us start their ministry?
Get these answers right and your challenges are gone.
You are the church or ministry. So when your church needs to have a prayer meeting, your presence means the church has gathered. You do not need to wait for somebody else to come before you start a meeting billed for 6am
Any lawyer in town can help you do paper works but without the understanding of your assignment you will join the league of those trapped on PROCASTINATION LANE.
Nothing in the whole world lays seal to the fact that you are a person of God than your willingness to visit people and pray for them.
Because the church has started and you are the church, you don't spend all your money on luxuries and then go about seeking fund for the work. So start producing tracts that exalts christ, not your ego or gifts.
Finally, Jesus Christ prayed every night; don't excuse yourself, spend much time in seeking God through prayer; both public and private prayers.
If you do the above, then the Lord will add to your number as many that should be saved.(Acts2:47)
Emma J N Nwosu
My name is Deborah Hopkins, I'm an ordained minister of the Gospel and I am a nationally certified Church Business Administrator, I studied Church Business Administration at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and received my certification in 1996.(you can view the NACBA http://www.nacba.net) I have a consulting firm that supports Christian ministries and faith based communicy and economic development corporations. I have set up many ministries and faith based CC's. I have over 20 years experience in faith based community development and have been in operations as Christian Management Resources since 1999 (LLC established in the state of Missouri) we've served clients in many states. You want further information about our ministry, please call.me at 404-707-0818 or 314-809-2375
Yours in Christ,
Rev. Deborah D. Hopkins, FCBA
As a beginner , set you mind in the things of God . most specially , dont depend on what you can do for yourself but total depend in God, the holy spirit and His word and fasting . And again do not allowed money to hinder you. read 1 timothy3 vs 1-----end. & 4 vs 1 vs15. from me evangelist goddey osas owie
iam bless to join your group thank you evangelist pastor susie houston
iam bless to join your group thank you evangelist pastor susie houston

God Bless you Pastor,


I have experience in doing all that you need to have done. If this is what you would like,  Your 501(C3) will take 90 days to get . Your Articiles of Incorporation you must order from the State you are in and just follow directions. If problems, I can do them for you.


Reaching out to the community can be done through  serveral different trainings I do.


Please contact me 


National Evangelist/ Pastor Joseph Riddick




My number is 765-759-8629 Hm or 765-722-1415 cell



Pastor here is my resume.


Pastor Riddick


Hello Saints of God, Greeting N The Name of Jesus. I praise God another soldier is entering the battle. First  I recommend  you 2 do is to have three faithful people.One for your president,one for your secetary, one for your treasurer. Make sure when you open your bank account make sure two (2) signature is require to withdral of write any checks. Check with your city and state about what is require for you to set up your Articles of Incorporation. they have a guideline for you to follow.  The 501(c3) is the IRS. After you complete the city or state Articles of Incorporation and set up you bank account with the church name, then you contact IRS. They will send you a form to fill out about your ministry.You will have to pay a fee to be certifty for 501 (c3). U can pass out flyer, tracts, post flyer on your neighhood bulletin board, library,grocery store etc.Write in to local radio station that have free community news. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any  question (thepurenheartministry@yahoo.com) No charge we are all N this together. Be Bless...Apostle Mary Smith


My name is Evg. Nellie Griffith.  My ministry, Singled Out By Design Ministries, is a Self Supported, Non-incorporated Ministry.  We don't believe in partnering with the government by giving up our GOD given rights to be a ministry.  As a ministry you do not need to have any special tax exempt status...as a church/ministry you already have it. 


If you wish to know more, please feel free to contact me evangelist.nellie@gmail.com


Continued Blessings


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