1. There is not one Scripture in the Bible that forbids women from preaching, but on the contrary, there are many verses that encourage both men and women to preach the Gospel.

2. The Bible teaches that God is not a respecter of persons, and He will use any and all who will yield to Him, regardless of race, age, or sex.

Galatians 3:28 - "...neither male nor female...for ye are all one in Christ Jesus."

Acts 10:34 - "...God is no respecter of persons...."

Moses said in Numbers 11:29, "Would God that all the Lord's people were prophets, and that the Lord would put His spirit upon them!"

The crying need of the hour is for more laborers. It is a trick of the enemy to try to down rate thousands of our faithful laborers just because they were born females.

3. The Great Commission, Mark 16:15, "Preach the Gospel," is to ALL believers, and to all the church of Jesus Christ. The command to "preach the Gospel" is to both male and female.

4. It is an undeniable fact that God has called and anointed thousands of women to preach the Gospel. The Full Gospel organizations have hundreds of licensed and ordained women who are preaching, teaching, evangelizing, pastoring, and doing mission work with the signs following their ministry. God is using them for the salvation of the lost, deliverance from sin, gifts of the Spirit, and infilling of the Holy Spirit.

The Bible says, "Touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm." And may we be reminded of the Scripture in Acts 5:39, "If it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God."

When someone says, "God does not call women to preach," it is like saying that God does not baptize with the Holy Spirit today. We know better, because we have witnessed and experienced it with our own ears and eyes.

I would be afraid to condemn women preachers, lest I would be found to be fighting against God, and to be committing the vile sin of attributing the works of the Holy Spirit to the devil.

5. Women preachers are a fulfillment of Bible Prophecy and another sign of Christ's soon return to earth (Joel 2:28; Acts 2:17-18).

6. The Bible declares that women will prophesy: 1 Cor. 11:5, "For every woman that prayeth or prophesieth...."

Both the Hebrew (Nebrah), and Greek (Proph) used for prophetess means (female preacher). (See Young's Concordance, Pg. 780.)

The word "Prophet" means a public expounder.

The word "Prophesy" means to speak forth, or flow forth. The Bible says in 1 Cor. 14:3, "But he that prophesieth speaketh unto MEN to edification, and exhortation and comfort."

The dictionary says, prophesy is "to speak under divine inspiration...to preach."

Therefore we learn from the original translation, from the Bible interpretation, and from the dictionary, that to prophesy means more than to tell the future, but it is to speak publicly about the past, present, or future. It is to preach under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

The Old and New Testament prophets and prophetesses were preachers of God's Word.

Even if the words prophet and preacher could be separated, how could anyone prophesy to bring exhortation, comfort and edification to the church, if she were forbidden to speak in church and was to keep silent?

Would God inspire and anoint someone to do something that was wrong and sinful???

* (There is a difference between a prophet, and the gift of prophecy.)

7. God called and used women preachers in the Old Testament.

a. DEBORAH - Judges 4:4-5. Deborah was a Judge for both civil and criminal cases. The children of Israel came to her for judgment. She was the chief ruler of Israel for 40 years, giving orders to the Generals and all the army. She did the work of an evangelist, prophetess, Judge, and a preacher. God gave her authority over the mighty (Judges 5:13).

b. MIRIAM - Exodus 15:20; Numbers 12:1; Micah 6:4. She was a Prophetess and a Song Leader in Israel.

c. HULDAH - 2 Kings 22:14. Five men went to Sister Huldah and communed with her. She spoke to a congregation of men concerning the book of the Law. A female preached to a man's congregation, and her message was taken to the nation and produced a revival.

d. MAHER-SHALAL-HASH-BAZ'S MOTHER - Isaiah 8:3. She was a prophetess.

8. God called and used women preachers in the New Testament.

a. The first message of the Resurrection of Christ was spoken by women to a group of men.

b. Anna - Luke 2:36-38. She must have prophesied in church, because she did not depart from the temple.

c. Phillip had 4 daughters who prophesied. Acts 21:9.

d. Priscilla assisted Paul in his revival meeting and even taught Apollos in the way of the Lord more perfectly.

e. Phebe - Romans 16:1-2. Paul commended Phebe to the Church at Rome and requested that they assist her in her business. She was one of Paul's assistants in the work of the Lord and delivered the Book of Romans to the people from the hand of Paul.

9. There is no sound reason why a woman or man should not preach the Gospel. There is a desperate need in the church for more workers. Laborers are few, and God will use any and all who will go for Him. Some say God will not use a woman to preach, because "The woman was deceived," but remember Romans 5:12: "Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world." It seems to indicate that Adam was just as guilty as Eve in the fall of man. If anyone should be kept from preaching because of sin, it would be Adam. But God does not forbid anyone from preaching, because of Adam's or Eve's sin.

10. 1 Cor. 14: 34-35 does not say anything about women preachers. If Paul intended this verse as a general rule to bar all women from speaking in church, then they cannot teach Sunday School, testify, pray, prophesy, sing, or even get saved, and this would contradict the rest of the Bible (Acts 2:4; Acts 2:16-18).

Paul was rather dealing with a particular problem in the church. Women were not educated as were the men in that day; therefore the women would talk back and forth to their husbands in church and ask questions concerning the sermon. Paul said, "If they will learn anything, let them ask their husbands at home; for it is a shame for women to speak in the church." If they want to talk things over let them wait until they get home. This rule is still good for the church today, where people are talking and causing confusion in the church service. They should not speak in church. (Not in the back of the church either before or after services.)

If a woman cannot speak in church, then she cannot speak in prayer meeting, young people's service, etc., for who can deny that Sunday School and Prayer meeting, and Youth work are parts of church? Christ's Church is not a building, but rather it is found where two or three are gathered together in His name, whether at a street meeting, in a tent, a home, church, classroom or anywhere else.

11. 1 Timothy 2:12 is not a blanket rule for all women of all churches. If it were, then the women could not speak at all, for the same verse that tells them not to teach also tells them to be silent.

If all women had to keep silent in church, then that would be promoting disobedience to God, for they could not prophesy, pray, testify, sing, exhort, do personal work, or even get saved.

Whenever an interpretation to a verse contradicts the rest of the teaching of the Bible, we know this interpretation is incorrect, for the Holy Spirit will never contradict His own Word.

This is the chief verse that is used to oppose women preaching and yet it says nothing about preaching, nor does it say anything about a public worship or church service. But, on the contrary, this verse is giving instructions to wives as to how they were to conduct themselves in regard to their husband. Paul says in 1 Cor. 14:35, "And if they will LEARN anything, let them ask their husbands at home." Now he states in 1 Tim. 2:12 that the woman should learn in silence, and should not usurp authority over the man. Paul is dealing with more of a home problem than a church problem.

This verse still applies to us today. It is wrong for a woman to usurp authority over her husband (in church, home, or any place else) as was the case in Paul's day. She should not try to teach him or speak words that would cause discord and confusion, but should rather be silent and in subjection to her husband.

It is also to be understood that if anyone, whether man or woman, is usurping authority over the God-given leadership of the church, she or he is to be silent, and not to teach, or act in such a way that would create discord in the assembly.

12. Some have used Titus 1:6-7, "If any be blameless, the husband of one wife, having faithful children...", but there is a difference between a preacher and a bishop. For I was an Evangelist and now am a Pastor, but I am not a Bishop (Overseer), and most Pastors are not.

If God called a single man with no children to be a Bishop, as Paul was, surely this verse is not opposed to it, nor would this scripture oppose a woman Bishop if she was called of God for the work, as was Deborah.

What this verse does teach is that a person who is to be a Bishop must not have two living companions, either husbands or wives.

The Bible often speaks of "man" when it refers to both men and and women inclusively. The word "mankind" also includes both men and women. For an example of this word usage see 1 Cor. 13:1 - "Though I speak with the tongues of MEN and angels...." This word "MEN" includes women as well, for we do not have one language for men and another for women.

13. To condemn women preachers and women church workers is a serious offense, because God has stamped His approval on them by His Spirit over and over again, and who is man to fight against the Spirit of God?

To condemn women preachers and women church workers is in a sense to claim they are doing wrong and committing sin...and all those who support them and listen to them are having a part in that sin.

For anyone to do this, he must condemn approximately 99% of all the Spirit-filled believers and the vast majority of all of Christianity.

"Of a truth, I perceive that God is no respecter of persons..." (Acts 10:34).

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This topic has already been discussed. However, I must respectfully disagree. Judges and Prophets and missionaries yes, but I think being the head of a church over men is usurping God's order as is spelled out in 1Tim. and throughout the role of men and of women in the homes as well as in the churches.

Just dont' feel like getting into it again.

So I'll digress....:)

God Bless

Matter of fact, I'll cut and paste my reply to another forum question about women bishops here. I think its self-explanatory. I do believe God's word has been watered down so much and the Holy scriptures has been circumvented to the point that most don't know what truth is. I'm constantly devouring God's Word for truths, not use His Words to fulfill agenda's and for personal gain. So here it is, if you didn't read it before.

As I reflect upon this very topic and to see what is occurring among the church leadership where it seems as if God's structure, order and role is being compromised by subverting and usurping God's standard as described in 1 Timothy and the book of Titus as a guide in dealing with the church hierarchy. I felt the need to revisit this very important issue with a more careful and candid viewpoint in how this new phenomenon of women being in the role of leadership, especially within the African American church.

God's standard is the standard in which we all should subscribe to and never to be compromised to appease those who seek to replace the truths of a Holy, Just and righteous God for our own agenda, which as the wise man Solomon suggests is:

Ecc 1:14 "I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and, behold, all is vanity and a striving after wind."

So the question that I'm asking is, is the reason why so many women who are 'called' to be pastors and bishops and leaders of the church body are called for vanity reasons or of necessity, since as last report and statistics that have found that over 75% of those who sit in the pews to hear a message from God to equip, teach and preach are made up of women. The men are seemingly visibly absent from anything that has anything to do with the structure of church as it is today. Where are the men? And how do we close the gap in creating a more balanced church where men can receive salvation to be involved in Kingdom work? Faith always comes by hearing, and the hearing of the Word of God. Many of those who been found called to serve the office of Bishop, didn't happen by osmosis nor in a vacuum, but by not forsaking the assembly and bein in position to receive a profound word that made its way to the elect's heart to be nudged by the Holy Spirit.

As for the 25% to 75% ratio. It is a simple fix. We need to bring the Gospel to the lost as we are commanded, Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15; Acts 1:8, etc. By calling men to repentance and genuine faith in Christ for the forgiveness of their crimes against heaven (willful sins) and seeing their lives transformed by the power of the Gospel we can close the gap. By the way these men who profess faith in Christ should be held to the test of salvation that Christ gives in John 10:27 without excuse or exception.

John 10:27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

I just wanted to bring out two other points on this subject. The first is I believe that the church (Christians) as a whole in our society has a problem with bringing our americanism to the church and how we approach God rather than bringing our christianism to our society. As a result I believe that we try to bring whatever changes in the country to the church. I think we need to be careful of this because we are called to be different or set apart not to mirror our society. The second issue is I believe that it is probably more of the issue of why most men don't stand up and lead the churches or their homes.

Lets face it, 80% of all black babies born today are born outside of wedlock and are fatherless orphans. The Bible defines and orphan as one who is fatherless, regardless as whether a mother, grandmother or auntie is present, he/she is still fatherless orphans. Isn't it amazing how God in all of His grace shares His title as Father to us lowly men as fathers. And with that title comes an amazing responsibility to be an example of the Holy Father. How does a child believe in a Holy Father that never leaves nor forsakes us, when our very own physical father abandoned us? How do we believe in an invible Holy Father, when the fathers we can see are not around? Tough sell isn't it? I thank God for the Holy Spirit that reveals and illuminates the blind so that they may be able to see and comprehend the invisible things of God.

The hard facts speak for themselves. We have over 2 million black men currently in prison and a third of all black men in America have criminal records that hinders many of them to find adequate work in order to feed themselves, let alone their own children. Black women comprise now the head of household, where the black man has been commanded to fill. Then there is a large number of black men who are living a homosexual lifestyle or a lifestyle of complete depravity. There are more black women attaining higher degrees than black men almost by 4 to 1 creating another imbalance in the structural employment gap. While many black sisters are fast becoming employable while many black men are unemployed and unemployable and are now intimidated by these same "strong" black women who insist that they cannot find a suitable husband who can carry her and the children financially as well as biblically in being able to properly cultivate, provide and to protect the home adequately as the true gatekeepers of our homes, communities and nation. Black women are now boldly and unabashedly proclaiming, "I'm the mother and the father?"

We are being sifted like wheat!

Amos 3:3 "Can two walk together unless they be agreed?" Good question.

Unfortunately, many sisters are missing the ministry God gave them because they are seeking the ministry God gave to their brothers instead. Titus chapter two describes a much needed ministry in our churches and society as a whole today. I know that it is neglected because we have 70% of children born out of wedlock, 50% divorce rate, and a +70% HIV infection rate. Maybe you should utilize your gift in the parameters that God has established in the word of God even if no one sees you but Him. I think that Jesus mentioned that those working to be seen of men have their reward.

Titus 2:3-5 "The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed."

Unless the adults in your church are ALL female, you are in direct violation of this scripture each and every time you teach God's word to the men in attendance at your church.

It is CLEAR that many men are failing to meet their responsibilities in the church and in the home. It is therefore understandable that many women fill lead to fill roles not intended for them by God. We are seeing the results this have reaped upon our homes. The statistic mentioned by above are very real and a direct result of our failure to submit to Gods order. This is a failure of MEN.

If women want to help men meet their responsibility, they can best accomplish this by fulfilling their own responsibility, not by assuming the responsibility of men. Part of a womans responsibility, as indicated by Tit 2:5 is "To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed."

Chaste is, by definition, refraining from sexual intercourse that is regarded as contrary to morality or religion. At this point you are probably asking "What in the world does that have to do with "Women Pastors?". Well, while women are busy fulfilling the role of men, the role of women are being abandoned. So, contrary to Gods will, we have the role of men being filled by women and the role of women being abandoned. Is there any wonder 70% of black children are being born out of wedlock??? Is there any wonder that nearly 70% of new cases among women of HIV/AIDS in 2005 was black women? Is this not the hand writting on the wall? Who is fullfilling the womans role of teaching the principles of Titus 2:3 - 5 to young women?

We lack reverence for God's word and are clearly reaping the results that are warned of in Titus 2:5 "That the word of God be not blasphemed". Yes, we are doing things OUR humanly expediant way, reaping the results of doing so and acting as though this is just the way things has to be. I assure you, this is not the way it has to be, this is the way of the world. We can't just depart from Gods order and expect God to reward us.

I apologize for the long dissertation, but I am passionate about the fate of the black family. The solution to all of our problems in black America rest compassionately in Gods order. The statistics on fatherless homes are well documented, yet we as a people, thrust 80% of our children into this inherent risk group. Not until we order our lives in accordance with Gods word can we expect to turn these statistics around.

God Bless

In His Grip

1.A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, ... The Bishop, then, is to be a man of good name, the husband of one wife.The husband of one wife. A married man, and having only one wife

2.What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. ... A bishop then must be blameless. NOT a divorce polygamy and adultery.1Timothy 3:2

Since a Bishop is a husband of one wife, not a wife of one man, This is a simple grammer, then why do some Churches Elect women as a bishop? Secondly if a Bishop is the Husband of one wife, why is it some young men who are not married, without pastors under them are been Elected as Bishop as well?

Lastly,A bishop must be blameless, why is it some pastors who divorces their wives and re-marry and re-marry again are been elected to the office of a bishop? Is it not polygamy and adultery?
Apostle Dr.Prince Nnams Kalu
Amen! rightly dividing the Word of truth.
Amen! the proof is in the changed lives!
Sr. Prophetess/Pastor S. Brown


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