I personally say yes! If a doctor or a lawyer must train intensely to care for your physical well being how much more important is the care of ones spirit and soul?

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While I fully support the need for Bible trained pastors and leaders, I do not subscribe to the fact that you need to be a part of a seminary to be ordained of God. Having the Bible knowledge, and the indepth study of the Word will enhance any ministry hands down, but we are talking about ordination here. Ordination to the minister is what accreditation is to a school, it give you the right to participate in the sacrements of the Church and to perform certain ceremonies from a legal standpoint. Having Bible knowledge again helps this, but remember the Bible says the letter kills, but it is the Spirit that gives life, We must learn to rely on the Spirit, and then use the Biblical knowledge taught to us to enhance what the Holy Spirit emparts to us.
The flip side of this my brother is men and women being ordained because they can "whoop" and have little or no Bible knowlege, or because thier father is the pastor.
So true, I've seen it too. I also believe a foundation in the leadership and management arena are paramount for an ordained minister to have in his or her arsenal. Bro Rob Day
Dr. Butts, at no disrespect to you, I want to be clear in my explanation. 1.) I don’t think college or seminary should be a requirement for ordination of God, but of man with the God-given power to ordain to really consider it instead. 2.) I wish college or seminary was a requirement for man in every denomination and non-denominational setting, but I know it will never be across the board. 3.) I appreciate your explanation of ordination giving the rights to us to participate in the sacraments of the church. That brings it home for me. 4.) I just know that I want to do my best in ministry and for “me” (not all ministers) that’s doing all I can to improve for God and for the people. 5.) I do believe that the Spirit gives life and comes first. However, I also believe that the Word is Spirit and life too (Jn 6:33 & 63) 6.) Before I knew about bible college or seminary, as a child I thought there weren’t too many people on earth who knew more about the bible and could deliver a sermon like my grandfather (no bible college or seminary). I still feel that way today. However, he told me that he learns something new about the bible every time he hears me preach. I know that comment comes from the things I’ve learned from PhDs like you, seminarians, and bible college students that I have encountered in my early walk in ministry of the Word. I’m like Timothy and you all are my Paul. God bless, Bro Rob Day


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