OFM-TV will love to hear and read the views from black preaching network members about this topic.
Because many lack the vivid understanding about the Kingdom of God or the kingdom of Heaven.
Where is this kingdom ?
Some say it is the Church and others say it is within the Christian heart. Which is which?.
Jesus , the Disciples, the Apostles etc preached about this kingdom and all their preaching was focus on this kingdom.

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I off ther following for prayerful consideration and meditation, and response.

The kingdom defined in Strong's Concordance is 'foundation, royalty, rule, realm', God is defined as 'he/she/they' and heaven is defined as elevation, mountain, sky, happiness, power, success. I believe that in certain 'seasons' the relative definition for us comes forth -- as in there is a time and season for all things -- as in the truth grows more each day and is revealed more as we believe and receive the truth.

The Kingdom of God is within and without, as God is All in All so is His Kingdom. And since it is and was and ever shall be -- the time frame is key to just what is in the process of being revealed for us. Now, I believe the revelation has matured to the point thatGod has built within those who have received Him and Live and Move and Have their being in Him -- His kingdom within. The kingdom without is coming and will be.

The Kingdom of heaven is the elevated place of our Holy Spirit led consciousness -- and can include those high places - principalities, etc.

We know there are 3 heavens - God dwells in the 1st (which is also in our hearts) - the second is the one where the principalites, powers and spiritual wickecness in high places, as well as rulers of darkness inhabit -- and the third is the space above the earth. I don't think God limits where he will dwell, so the breakdown of the heavens is about the dynamic energy that encompasses them. The energy that comes from God the creator was transformed into created beings called angels, 1/3 of them fell as they followed Lucifer the covering angel attempting to be 'like god'.

The energy that we receive as born again, Spirit-born again, children of God is God's eternal energy in earthen vessels. As we grow and mature as the 'body of Christ' we are transformed more and more into the sons and daughters of God we were created to be. In light of this I would say the kingdom of God is growing in our hearts, in us and through us in this world. The kingdom of heaven is the promise of power, energy, success, now and the actual place of the kingdom of heaven to come.


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