The Church of God was not born anemic and spiritless us we see today in many denomination.So beloved what is your concept about the moves of God in this last days?.
can some body share with us about the fivefold ministry , the 9 gifts of the Holy spirit and other complementary gifts which make the government of the Church rule in the fullness of God`s power.
We are to encde this perishing world to another format or platform.
As ambassadors of Christ, what are we doing? are we allowing the enemy to take illigal possession of this world?.

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Of truth it was not born spiritless, rather very spiritual! We have mock governments at best as many set up an apostolic hierarchy. Now do not confuse the hierarchy with the real "government" our Lord established.
A hierarchy is set in power, not in authority and there is many differences. Many claim to be God's next sole man of the hour. Yet are they ? (Many shall cry Lord , Lord)
We have watched many of these reveal themselves as no more than works of man. Having a flash of pan in some obscure truth, but not really getting down to the grass roots of the gospel or its real foundations.
The signs of apostasy - They leave the laws of God and make laws of their own. (Some of this exist in charismatic like cults. mixing Oriental Mysticism with scripture and then marketing it as a move of god, yet when the music plays there is a slight discolor to the music tell us to worship the leader rather than God!
- They deny Yeshua's authority. I have ran into groups that claim even to be Christian, yet they use hypnotism, cards even tattoos to deceive the masses. They may make vague references to Yeshua or even use Jesus, yet they do not recognize him as Lord, savior or even the living son of God!
- They produce false signs and wonders. Even here in my country there is a "prophetic school that claims to release the true gifts of God (or Jesus) , yet they teach one needs to bow and serve the "master" who is god's appointed , then we can move into the anointing with his permission. (never read that any where in scripture). Although there are similarities in rabbinical training, being submissive to my teacher is not the same. He does not (or she) they have an exclusive to the divine, rather encourage that which they believe dwells with in to excel and expose itself to the world.
Well they are playing those songs again .. what shall we do ? Bow down to the image of reality.. or stand in His prescience?


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