(Eze 22:26) It may already be in your church!  If you dont have a strong Pastor with good

character and a desire to see you and your family make it in this life, then it has already

happened, or on the way to happening...  While the so called "presence of the lord" is in

the building and people are supposed to be changed from the destructive lifestyle they so

called once lived.  They are now being taught by decisions of some our so called Leaders,

that it's ok to mix the sacred with the profane.  As if the church needs anything else making

them look impotent (powerless)... The secular world mocks and makes fun of the church, like

it means nothing to them.  It's nothing new for comedians and entertainers to mock the church

but, when you see a supposed sanctified,holy ghost filled, anointed Man or Woman of God,

mock and be mocked right in thier faces, it's a Shame!!  

Why are christian on these secular demonic shows any way? I already know the answer to

this question, it's in the word of God... The church is under a demonic" influence," "It has be-

came a church that I dont recognize anymore...

Dont be decieved, God is not mocked. "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

"What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul."

I've heard some of them say, they are representing christ in what they do (entertain) but ,

watch one of "MO' Nique's shows on BET and tell me, whose representing who?

Let's talk about this stuff church after all you are accountable to Christ and He was bold

in His Ministry...



Go back and read the whole chapter of Eze 22

you just might see something,you had not noticed


God bless the reader




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Praise the Lord!!!
Sister, you are on hit with the vow of silence that the so called preachers have blinded the eyes of God's people that they should not talk about the enemy that has crepted into the church unaware(Jude 1:4).This thing has disguised itself as worship?,but my question has still gone unanswered. How do the enemy in the form of a perverted spirit,lieing spirit,or any other that we see in the church lead in any ministry and please God?
HIGH TIME TO AWAKE PEOPLE OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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