Well praise the Lord again, Well let me stir the pot just a lil in my research i have been able to talk to several Bishops in there late 80's and one even in there 90's and it seems the under laying shizim that brought on the PCAF was,


I've already posted some information in my Real Truth discussion but I have more.


It seems along with the lack of political(delegates) pull in the Bishopric of the PAW Bishop Hancock and the few that joined him were upset that there was a lack of displine concerning one Bishop Golder and his being disfellowshiped in 1953 he was tried by Hancock and a bishop board and found guilty of fornication ( he resigned from pastoring Christ Temple Indpls ) told not to start a church which he did anyway taking a few members from CT with him when aloud back in the PAW it was just to much for many to stomach.

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