Father, O how we bless You today! We are so grateful to be alive! For we know it wasn't any alarm clocks that caused us to arise, it was You! Thank You for the breath we're breathing! Let everything that has breath Praise ye the Lord! O how we praise you! We exalt Your Holy name! We give you reverence Lord! You are worthy to receive all glory! O magnify the Lord with me and let us exalt His name... together! thank you for a new day, filled with new mercies! All we have needed, Lord Your hands have provided! Great is THY faithfulness unto us! Glory!!! Glory!!! Glory!!! Lord, forgive us where we have sinned and fallen short of your glory! Cleanse us from all unrighteousness! Create in us a clean heart and renew a right spirit within each of us today! Lord, we intercede for those of us who are carrying the weight of pain. Those who are broken, wounded and scarred from past relationships. Those who are bleeding from infidelity, betrayal, and negative words. Those who are dealing with abandonment issues.Those who are living in the effects of molestation and rape. Those who are in the residue of pain and torment of domestic abuse, Father we ask for healing, deliverance! God heal our brokenness! Father release Your peace in tormented minds, give us Your peace that surpasses all understanding! Father, emotionally, physically, spiritually make us whole! Fragmented souls, God reshape again! Father by Your spirit, Restore, Renew, Revive, Realign, Reassure, Reassign, Reestablish us in our emotions, health, purpose, destinies, relationships, God EVERYTHING! Shift us in our spirits God!!! Everything pertaining to our lives, SHIFT, For Your glory, NOW, THIS DAY O God!!! In the name of Jesus, we pray! Amen!!! Amen!!! Amen!!!

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Father, We bless You this morning! We glorify You! Thank You for allowing us to see a new day, filled with new mercies and possibilities! Thank You for being our strong tower, our refuge, our rock of safety! Thank You for keeping us as we slept, for protecting us from dangers seen and unseen on yesterday! Thank You for Your love Lord! We give you thanks not just because it's Thanksgiving season but because You deserve to be praised at all times and Your praises are continually on our lips God! You have blessed us beyond measure and You just keep on providing those blessings to us, Lord we are ever grateful! Father, we want to stand in intersession today for those who are having difficulties during this time of the year. We pray Father that You will release the comfort of Your Spirit, to those who have lost loved ones. Gather their tears Lord! Soothe their fears with Your peace! Fill those hollow places with Your Spirit! let them know God how much You love them! May their feel You embracing them Lord! Strengthen them and those who are weak right now God! We pray for families who are separated for military purposes. Lord bless them and let them feel Your presence in the midst of being separated! Strengthen their marriages and their family structure! We close any gaps, breaks or fractures that will allow access to the enemy and we seal those openings shut by Your Spirit! We pray for those who have experienced divorce, a rip in the family. Lord heal those wounds and the brokenness! We pray for the children in the family unit God! We pray that animosity will cease and peace abound! Let unity reign in the middle of separations and divorces for the children God! Father repair the breach! Restore families! Revive marriages! Reunite again O Lord! We pray for those who dwell in loneliness and depression this time of the year, We release the breakers anointing over these spirits now and we command your people to ARISE from sheets of loneliness, depression, suicidal thoughts! We command all suggestions, thoughts of suicide and acts of death to be dismantled and demolished now in the name of Jesus! We decree a renewed mind! A transformation of their spirit! We take every thought captive that comes up and exalts itself against Your word and Your promises in their life!!! Father we bind the hand of the enemy, Satan, the Lord rebuke you! You shall not reign in their minds any longer! Father we thank You for the mind of Christ resting within their minds now! We pray for those who are in lack and without, supply their every need, bless them with the desires of their heart Lord! Shelter those who are homeless! Clothe the naked! Feed the hungry, all through us God! release resources and provisions O God! Teach us how to not only meet the needs of people but to change conditions! Provide jobs, homes, transportation and finances to those who are in need! We pray for traveling grace for those who will be visiting family friends! No blowouts, mishaps, or car trouble! Guard our railways, planes and buses from any and all accidents and evil Lord! Father, we call it all done and we stand in faith believing it is so, in the name of Jesus, Amen!!! Amen!!! Amen!!!


Father, Thank You for another day! We bless You for safe travels, the wellness of our family during the Thanksgiving holiday! All we have needed, You have provided! Our very breath belongs to You! We reverence You, Lord! You are worthy of all glory! We praise You God! Thank You for new mercies! Thank You for grace! We bless Your Holy name!!! Father, we yield ourselves to Your Spirit! Lead us for we follow after You! We praise You in advance for the set plans You have ordained for us today! Give us ears to hear You, a heart to obey, a mind to understand, and the abilities to carry out and establish Your purpose in the earth today! Divine interruptions, strategic plans, creative concepts flow to us from You Father! We walk by faith and not by sight! We stay in alignment with Your will,Your plan and purpose for our lives! Give us a heart to meet the conditions of others! We desire to be a blessing to someone! God move us beyond ourselves today! Allow us to be a form of resource in someone's life! A smile, a hello, prayer, money, embrace, food, clothing, etc...we are willing God! You have blessed us beyond measure! We give back to You Lord! Guard our going out and our coming in today! Thank You for everything Lord!!! We dedicate this day back to You! We love You Lord! In Jesus name, Amen!!!


Father,this is the day that You have made we will rejoice and be glad in it! Thank You for waking us to see another glorious day filled with You love, mercy and grace! Lord, we bless You! You are so worthy of all glory and praise! We worship You in the beauty of your holiness and pour our love on You! We ask Your forgiveness for sins we have committed. Father, we have sinned and fallen short of Your glory. We repent, we go past I'm sorry, and we turn from the things that are hindering our walk with You! Thank You for Your forgiveness! You said, "If we confess our sins, You are faithful and just to forgive them"! Thank You Lord!
Lord, we pray that you will meet needs and change conditions today! We ask You to heal and deliver from diseases and addictions! We ask You to move upon the hearts, minds and spirits of Your people today! We pray for Christians who are being persecuted for believing in Jesus! Strengthen our feeble knees O God! Help us to stand firm for You and in You for You are our firm foundation! Lord! We pray for missionaries on battlefields that are sharing the good news of the gospel, Lord protect and cover them! Use them mightily for Your glory! Lord we need more of You, We want more of You! Let the rain of Your presence fall on us! Engulf us in the fire of Your Holy Spirit! Relight the fire in our hearts that one burned with such fervor for You! we come back to You, our first love! Set this nation ablaze with Your glory! Shake the foundations! Cause us to turn towards You again! Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! For you shall not strive with our wickedness forever! Shake us again O Lord! For we have departed from You in our morals, character and love in this nation! REVIVE US AGAIN! We need an importation, filling of Your Spirit! An outpouring, an indwelling of Your Spirit throughout this Land! DO IT GOD! Let it begin with me! Revive me in Your presence! Reconcile me to Yourself! Renew me with Your love and Restore me with Your power! Father, let this be my, our declaration through out the earth! This nation O God! This United States Of America, turn us once again! BREATHE UPON US NOW SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD! DO WHAT YOU MUST DO TO SHOW US WHO YOU ARE! LORD, I SURRENDER AND BOW BEFORE YOU! MY LORD, MY GOD, MY KING! In the precious name of Jesus, Amen!!!Amen!!! Amen!!!

Father, Thank You for the dawning of a new day! For new mercies! For new possibilities and endless opportunities to display Your glory! We are ever grateful for another opportunity to give You praise and to worship You! We love and adore You not for what You do but for who You are! If you never gave us another tangible blessing, God we would still praise You! Your love is simply amazing! Thank You... for loving us when we are unloving! thank You for blessing us with things we don't even deserve! Father, You are gracious unto us! Lead us today by Your Spirit into all truth! Guide us Lord and we will follow after You for the steps of a good man or woman are ordered by You! We walk in the paths You have already lain before us! We move by Your Spirit and not by the lust of our eyes, lust of the flesh nor the pride of life! Give us an ear to hear Your Spirit today! Keen discernment, wisdom and understanding! We decree everything in our lives and homes be set in right alignment to Your will, way and rule! We thank You for Your established, divine order and may our lives be governed by your authority and power! We bless You today Lord! In the name of Jesus, Amen!!! Amen!!! Amen!!!


Father, Let Your rain fall in the drought of our lives! Moisten our dehydrated praise n worship and prayer! Water every dry place that is laying scorched and dried up for Your glory! I declare every shriveled,shrunken, dry barren womb to come alive and bring forth by the watering of Your word! Harden hearts shall be no more for they are now pliable in Your hands God! I decree our love for one another be NO LONGER withered and dried up by past harms and hurts! For the rain of Your Spirit shall wash away the dirt and debris of demonic seeds and I declare NEW seeds that You are planting to spring forth from the abundance of rain and yield forth a harvest! Lord, every desiccated,parched life become FRUITFUL AND NOT FRUITLESS! We shall not die but live and declare the works of the Lord! Release your rain today! God, I declare supernatural downpour of Your rain today! I declare the rain of Your presence shall envelop us! You will saturate us with Your presence and the rain of Your glory shall manifest upon us! I declare an abundance of signs, miracles and wonders today! God confirm Your word!!! I declare an abundance of peace in the place of worry, an abundance of joy in the place of sorrow, an abundance of rest in the place or restlessness! Release comfort! Release hope!!! Father, I pray for a full manifestation of Your glory to RAIN on us! I bind and rebuke the devour and all demonic assassins that come to sap, dry up, torch, ebb out, and taper off our water supply! I release us by Your authority and power from every sign, symptom and manifestation of spiritless, lifeless, mummified living and I declare THIS DAY what held us in drought before shall no longer hold us! DEATH GRIP BE LOOSED! Lord, Thank You for increase, for wholeness and Your rain and I it so! In the name of Jesus, Amen!!!

DEAR brethren in the Lord,Plzzzz PRAY for my lil daughter Alexandra THAT MY MOTHER (which is a teacher) will help Alex again CONCERNING her schoolperformance. BECAUSE MY DAUGHTER REALLY NEEDS EXTRA LESSONS. Usually my mother always helped her /teached her in Maths or Latin. BUT NOW SHE REFUSE AND IS NOT WILLING ANYMORE TO HELP MY DAUGHT. Plsss pray that my mother will have mercy on my daugh. BECAUSE i can not explain Maths or Latin to my daught. PLEASE WE NEED UR "Prayerhelp", because God can change this hardened Heart of my mother ( IT is URGENT DEAR brethren, that my daughter will make the classgoal /come through.) I can not afford any other strange Teacher which wants money for his help.

Father right now in the name of Jesus I send angels to help alexandra.  Open her mind to a new learning system which enables her to understand and comprehend what is being taught to her.  Father I pray that you create in her a new spirit of eagerness to learn and that she may be able to help someone else in the same way.  Lord, grant her your awesome presence and protect her from the bondage of special needs.  Protect her Lord, allow your spirit to dwell and guide her Lord.  You say in Psalm 121:1 I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help and right now Lord we are going to look to you for the help needed and not in grandmother.  I also pray that Ms. Waltraud Wagner will have a visit from the holy spirit which will create in her a new heart and new way of thinking as to her gift of helping.  I pray that the spirit of humbleness over take her and that she will share the gift of teaching that you have so graciously given her.  I pray for unity in the family and bind every negative force and hinderance that has come against this family.  Family is in the likeness of the Father/Son and Holy Ghost and I send angels to restore that which is trying to be broken.  This is my prayer for Sister Elisabeth in the precious and holy name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Amen


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