The Testimony of Jesus

by Bayo Omoyiola, Jr.

Worship God ! For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.
- Revelation 19:10 (NKJV)

Worshiping God is the greatest thing we can ever do in our life-time and every time we testify about Jesus we hold him in worship. Each time we testify about his goodness, his love, his miracles etc we are saying to him - You are Lord, you can do all things. Praise be to thy name. And every time we do that we are actually prophesying and releasing God`s prophetic anointing to replicate or multiply those miracles.

God would always back up his word with wonders. His word is prophetic and every time we share his word with our fellow men and women, we release his prophetic power or spirit of prophecy. In every genuine church, crusade, fellowship and ministration where God`s word is preached, results always follow. We often hear testimonies of changed lives, healing, miracles, promotions etc coming from the attendees of such services and after they are being shared, God often multiplies the same miracles and blessings in the live of those attendees that believe him for such wonders.

Miracles will always happen. It is a natural spiritual phenomenon or a spiritual natural experience that will always happen but we must not forget the source and essence of the miracles. We must always remember and see that Jesus Christ is the doer and the source of all the wonders and miracles. He is the reason for life, all seasons, church, our lives, creation and every other thing. Even time was created by him and is named after him. You often hear AD (Anno Domini - in the year of our Lord) and BC (before Christ). Have you ever thought about it? Everything exists because of him. If God ceases to exist, nothing will exist. We are all in him. Nothing exists without him. He knows all. He can do all things and his presence is everywhere. How mighty and powerful is he.

We must always extol the name of Jesus Christ above every other name and extol him above all our treasures, possessions, problems etc. The Lord`s name is so powerful. He heals the sick at the mention of his name. His name raises the dead, creates miracles, open doors and does great wonders

In 2009, do all things in the name of Jesus and you will surely get results. Once, you have caught the revelation, the result is yours. Remember, they that do know God shall be strong and shall do exploits.

In 2009, share testimonies of what God has done and what he is doing in your life and you will see him do more miracles.

In 2009, worship God and praise him and you will see God open doors for you and lift you up.

This year 2009 is a great year. Run with the vision and you shall surely achieve great things.
For In 2009, you will soar on eagles wings. In 2009, you will have open doors. In 2009, you will experience exceeding grace. In 2009, you will experience new beginnings. In 2009, you will have cause to praise God and rejoice. In 2009, you will have great speed and acceleration. In 2009, you will have rest on all sides.

If you believe, shout - hallelujah! Amen!!
Glory be to God in the highest !!!

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