My God! My Lord! My Deliverer! You are everything to me O God! Lord, how I bless You! I give You all the praise! Lord, I worship You!!! From the depths of my spirit Lord, I honor You and reverence You as God! You didn't have to allow none of us to be here today, but You did! Thank You! Father, Use us today for Your glory! We yield ourselves to You, mind, body and spirit and we say, "Have Your way Lord'! Open up our eyes to discern, our spirits be sensitive to the promptings and moving of Your Spirit! Father, We thank You that we will walk in the fullness of who You are! We bless you for the authority, power you have given us in the earth! We bless you God for the power to bring forth change as Your yielded vessels! You said, We can declare a thing and it shall be established! You said, Call those things that are not as though they were! You said, If we have faith the size of a mustard seed we can say to the mountain, Move from here to there and it will. For nothing is impossible. Lord we declare Your word over us, in and through us! We declare by the power and authority given to us by You, This day is our steps are ordered by you! We thank You for a day filled with Your love! We declare wherever our feet go, peace abounds! We declare we are sound in our minds! We declare wholeness! We declare all negative doctor reports have been divinely reversed by You! We declare Your favor is resting upon us! We declare others will see YOUR glory displayed through us! We declare brokenness to be made whole! We declare our marriages whole and displaying the love You have for us! We declare faithfulness to our spouses! We declare holy integrity and character in all of our lives! We declare we walk upright before You and all men! We declare honesty prevails in us, on our jobs, business transactions! We declare the fruits of the Spirit are evident in our lives! We declare our children saved and filled with the Holy Ghost! We declare our children will walk by faith and not by sight! We declare our children safe in Your arms and protected by You! We declare single parents have more than enough to meet the needs of their children! We declare You shall fill them with wisdom, maturity, and understanding O God! We declare single men and women will honor You in their hearts, minds, bodies and spirits! We declare You have already chosen the mate for those You have predestined to marry! We declare our elderly needs met! We declare our elderly whole! We declare our men walk with boldness and honesty in You! We declare our men whole! We declare our men are mighty men of valor! We declare our men be realigned back into the position You ordained for them! Father we declare the family unit be restored! Lord, move upon this land! Shift us into right alignment with You! Let us know, YOU ARE GOD AND GOD ALONE AND BESIDES THEE THERE IS NO OTHER!!! HAVE YOUR WAY IN THIS NATION AND ACROSS THIS WORLD! DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DO O GOD! SHAKE US AGAIN, LORD!!! HAVE YOUR WAY! O HOW GLORIOUS ARE YOU O LORD! BREATHE UPON US TODAY GOD! THE WIND OF YOUR SPIRIT! CONSUME US WITH YOUR HOLY FIRE AND LET US BURN FOR YOU IN RIGHTEOUSNESS AND HOLINESS O GOD!!! ESTABLISHED EVER WORD IN THE EARTH NOW O GOD AND LET IT BEGIN IN OUR LIVES! FATHER, WE THANK YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS, AMEN!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!!

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