Spiritual things are spiritual and the natural where we are at home now, are not completely spiritual. God divided the dark from the light. Something happened in 1978 that I know was a crossroads for America. A crossroads or turning in another direction morally and spiritually as the fabric of our mighty Nation was deeply torn as the result.

What blinded America so deeply to her very roots and traditions given, of her ancestors? I believe it started after the fall of Iran. Evil has been around since before Adam, but it multiplies with no regard to it when a standard of right is not upheld.

America has allowed a generation to be raised up that has no morals, a corrupted youth without a thought of God, and continual thoughts of a selfish life style and a want for more. We have a good and gracious God who gave us our freedoms. Yes we fought for those freedoms, but it was a gracious God who gave favor in all those battles. America has allowed a turning of her back to the God who gave us the saying “let freedom ring” and we as a nation chased after others gods.

America has lost her compass and asks, “What is Truth?”

Jesus said I am Truth. Truth is a spirit, a life; and this spirit, this life is the way, and only way to the Father. “I am the truth, and no one comes to the Father but by me.” Jn. 14:6

Suddenly it draws upon us that it is not by having truths, but by becoming true that we are saved. God’s desire is not merely to inform us, but to transform and transfigure us, and not to just fill us with truth, but to make us true.

The Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of adoption which sheds God’s love abroad in our hearts, is the Spirit of Truth.

The religion of God is animated foremost by a desire to be, and to have Life. This is by walking in the light not merely to do, or acquire it. We seek to possess truth; God seeks to make us true. This difference is vast and the kinds of men produced by each pursuit are vastly different, and will have a different effect. A little leaven ect., meaning just allow even a little darkness is death.

To believe that having is being, that becoming true is simply a function of acquiring a sufficient amount of truth, is a deception. What this deception produces is men impeccable in their doctrines yet living lives that are performance driven, of an imitation and false. If the widow could say to Elijah, “the Word of the Lord in your mouth is true.” 1 Ki. 17:24 then it must follow that the Word of God in someone else’s mouth can be false.

The mouth, the voice, is not separated from the word that comes out of it. Voice and word are an unbroken continuum. Jesus speaks God’s Word because He is God’s Word. He speaks truth because He is true. Truths are important, but they are as dead, and deadly, as the law written on stone, without the Spirit of Truth in us to animate them.

Truth is indeed more than we say; it ought to be what we are. But while truth is more than words, it is not less than words. We live now in a time that increasingly despises and denigrates prepositional truth.

The Spirit of Truth needs to be proclaimed not because the Word of Truth is unimportant but precisely because it is so very important. Truths woodenly proclaimed without life that are true are a disservice to truth. Truths spoken with steel resolve with Godly light bring freedom and liberty for all. Likewise the elevation of being “authentic” or “real” or “true” diminishes the place and value of the truths once given to the Church and those who speak wooden truths do a disservice to truth.

America’s cry should be a cry for the whole truth. It would be tragic and a real irony if the Spirit of Truth ever became yet just one final furling banner in a church parade that was only a partial of truth and therefore a false version of a truth they championed. The unity of those together with the Spirit of Truth will bring back the steel resolve once championed in our families, communities, churches, government, military, and local police.

The fabric has been torn, but there is one who can mend it His name is Jesus and we as a Nation that was founded upon Truth and the American way need to turn to our Lord and seek His Truth becoming true once again.

The silver dollar was once held up as a coin of choice and some were counterfeited, but when you dropped the coin it made a ring and not a loud thud. We need to have a house cleaning for all the counterfeits and bring back that ring instead of the dull thud we continually are hearing.

Blessings Steven

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